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A new start


By l33_eth


Well after leaving my garden behind for 3 years and renting my house out Im now back “home” and want to make the garden as beautiful as Ive always imagined it should be!

I previously had numerous large pots in my garden which were all taken with me when I moved in with my now ‘ex’ partner. Unfortunatley due to no fault of my own most of the plants have died due to lack of attention after I moved back to my own house early last year. Im therefore starting from scratch again.

I have a real passion for Japanese/ Oriental plants and would like my garden to have that sort of style or look eventually.

I have been doing quite a lot of research about what plants to get but am still a long long way off deciding on what to get and how to arrange them. Maybe someone can inspire and assisit me eh!!

Ill get some pictures of how the garden looks now and hopefully progress along the way. Any hints and tips very much appreciated (oh and any donated plants or seedlings/ cuttings would be amazing as I have a tight budget now Im on my own again ;-) )

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Hi 133......will your garden be minimal or lush with bamboo?

11 Feb, 2012


Starting from scratch can be no bad thing in a garden. It means you have the freedom to plan it as you want it to be and enjoy watching it develop. A little at a time, season by season would seem to be the way to go, keeping an overall plan in mind while working towards it. If you still have the large pots, that will help to start with.

There will be lots of help here.

11 Feb, 2012


You could do worse than start by having a look at the photographs put up on this site by Fourseasonsgarden - they are lovely, and very inspirational. Not all of the plantings are oriental-inspired, but there is enough there to keep you interested, I should think.

11 Feb, 2012


Good luck with re-planting your garden.

GoYpedia will give you helpful ideas. You may have looked already. Scroll down to the alphabet and click on J for Japanese and O for Oriental :o)

11 Feb, 2012


Why didn't I think of that, Terra?

11 Feb, 2012


If you google japanese or oriental garden ideas, then click on images, you will get loads of ideas, good Luck..

11 Feb, 2012


Thanks, thats what Ive been doing already, very inspired!

11 Feb, 2012


lots of inspiration L33 and very simple ideas there.

11 Feb, 2012


Remember to take before pictures and your progress looking forward to seeing how you are getting on:)

11 Feb, 2012


Thanks for the comments evryone

linda235..... I do like the minimal look but much prefer the lush bamboo and foliage oriental garden so thats what Im going for.

Gattina..... Ive already seen the pictures from 'fourseasonsgarden' and they are truly stunning. I have nowhere near the size of garden to play around with but I would love to create something that has as much depth, texture and fullness that they have created there.

Come on spring, hurry up and arrive so I can get started!!

11 Feb, 2012


This is my inspiration. I have a very small garden but am hoping to create depth with staggring/ layering plants against the outer boundaries of my garden.


(Cant get pictures to show on here for some reason but its a picture from fourseasonsgarden 'jungle' pictures)

Maybe someone with a bigger brain than me can help me post a piccy...

11 Feb, 2012


You`ll get lots of ideas from browsing on goy, large and small gardens and lots of beautiful photo`s from them where members have all created their own special places.
I wish you well with it and look forward to seeing it as you progress...

11 Feb, 2012


Looking forward to seeing your photos L33, and welcome home!

12 Feb, 2012

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