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Tree rights


By kenply


I have a neighbor that planted evergreen trees along the property years ago before I bought this house.
Since then they have grown out of control and I would like to put a fence up along the property.
This woman is an angry sort of person and will not discuss any thing with me she won’t even talk to me.
She is only here in North Carolina maybe twice a year for a few days and causes someone in the neighborhood trouble every time she comes. I need to know exactly what my rights are. regarding cutting the limbs high enough to put up a fence, but yet not harming the trees.
North Carolina Haywood county

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You have some answers to this on questions Kenply have you not seen them?

12 Aug, 2011


where is questions found

12 Aug, 2011


Go to the top of this page and click on gardening questions and the scoll down and you will see your question Kenply.

12 Aug, 2011

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