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Animal farm of ghosts.


If somebody of you ever read George Orwell´s Animal Farm, you know, that this is not a simple fairy tale. You know, that this is symbolic speech of the author about the totalitarian system.
Today in the evening I was travelling home by quite unusual way. Between a village and a little town I observed grey fields, full of water from melted snow, which doesn´t soak. And suddenly I noticed a garbage dump enclosed with fence.
But it wasn´t what made me to stop. I noticed, that among garbage, upon the dump, in a gloomy mist – there were silhouettes of grazing horses and goats.
I came closer and I thought I am in a bad film. Among garbage, there were living creatures, moving slowly, with noses fixed to the dirty mud, wet and uncombed hairs for months. Some of them bag of bones….

This horse wasn´t able to walk very fast. I offered him lettuce I found in a car (bought it for the dinner salad), but he wasn´t able to reach to my hand straight ahead. After two failed attempts I threw it on the wet ground and he started to chew it.

!This one must have rested in a puddles, he was all over wet. No mow around, no shelter for them.

Only garbage…

…and this strange large pulley, which by the way suits here. It reminds me gallows. Gallows of freedom.

Tortured and sad. A symbol of freedom.

American Indians pray:

“Let us walk softly on the Earth
with all living beings great and small
remembering as we go, that one God
kind and wise created all.”

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That's so sad....there doesn't look much for them to eat at all:(

1 Apr, 2013


That's dreadful. One of the ponies looks to be very old and deserves better. Do you have an animal welfare organisation you could contact?

1 Apr, 2013


I phoned to the "Animal Liberty" organization, they will go there tommorrow. But I do not know how much they can do, I never contacted them before. They seemed to know about it.

1 Apr, 2013


Good for you, Katarina. Hope they will do something about these poor animals.

1 Apr, 2013


Eirlys@I have just received message from them. They are waiting for inspector, who will come from holiday on Wednesday. But they warned me, that to prove "bad intention" or "intention to torture" is "sometimes hard". They have got photos - what intention do they speak about, please???????? Yes, I am afraid, things will stay as they are.

1 Apr, 2013


How very sad, and worse.

1 Apr, 2013


Poor things.Is there no body who can help them!!!????

1 Apr, 2013


I am reading this with my eyes full of tear,s please please let,s hope someone can help !!!

1 Apr, 2013


that is awful poor things. Hope the animal liberty organisation who you rang will do something about it.So cruel.

2 Apr, 2013


Hi Mark. I hope they will do as they gave me also contact to their boss for further information, however what I understood, there is another problem - what is the relationship between the state vet administration and owner of the "farm". If their vets declare, that animals are OK, Animal Liberty has tied hands.

2 Apr, 2013


That's very sad Kat, nice of you to give your lettuce that's the sort of thing I do too it's a pity there isn't much you can do. Hope they are alright.

2 Apr, 2013


Well dont Kat, good effort, I hope their situation improves

3 Apr, 2013


That is an upsetting sight, lets hope things can be improved for the poor things...

3 Apr, 2013


Yes, lets hope someone can now do something about them Kat. Well done for reporting it.

3 Apr, 2013


it seems wrong that it has to be proved that the animals were negelected on purpose to cause harm - that they wree neglected should be all the proof they need that the person is unfit to keep animals.

fingers cross that something good will happen

21 Apr, 2013


I agree with you, Fran. Unfortunately, this country is ruled by communists, their kids and friends - with money and police support.
I sent this to TV - no reaction. I alarmed Animals Liberty - very reluctant reaction, referring to higher institutions like vet administrative. Well, no problem then.

21 Apr, 2013



28 Apr, 2013

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