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Spirit of woods.


It has been raining for two days. So gloomy weather. But quite warm, like in March. I decided to go for a short walk in woods to the Carpathian mountains.
And I had extremely good luck. After about a minute I noticed a flock of does, led by older roe. They were about 200 metres from me, on the hill, watching around. They didn´t notice me. I was so angry I left my camera in the car. Then they started running right onto me.
That was flattering, however, not in a positive way, you know.
Then, as if they didn´t see me, turn to the right and crossed my path with elegant jumps, only 50 metres in front of me. It was so beautiful. I continued walking and after ten minutes I noticed there is a big wire mesh fence, I came close and noticed in the dark depths of the wood another flock. This time they were mufflons! It was so fantastic to watch them and for some reason even these animals didn´t notice me. My camera was 1 kilometer away, in my car. :( Next time I will take it with me. Altough, you know Parkinson´s laws.
At least one photo of a moufflon, made this spring somewhere else.

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Fabulous photos Katarina ,shame you left camera in car always another time.

6 Jan, 2013


How lovely, though. It must have been very exciting! And you must have longed to be able to show someone.

6 Jan, 2013


Thank you for the moufflon. I only discovered what these were recently and have never seen a pic before.

6 Jan, 2013


Scotkat, Melchisedec@I didn´t even hope to see a rabbit, as it was very close to road and public park. So yes, only those who are prepared can use opportunity :)
Next time.
Steragram@I noticed that in recent years there were founded several moufflon farms in Slovakia. I do not know if it ia for meat or for export. True is, that their meat is considered to be the most tasteful from all wild animals. By the way, I have got moufflon meat a week ago as a gift :))
Although, I never shot any wild animal and will never do that.

7 Jan, 2013


I've never heard of a moufflon. I just looked them up, I don't think we have them here in Canada. (maybe in a zoo)

7 Jan, 2013


When some wonderful creature shows itself when we don't have a camera!!! It just has to remain a private thing!
My step father was Romanian and spent his first years in the Carpathian mountains. They always remained deep in his heart.

7 Jan, 2013


Wow, Katarina, that's something else we've learned! I didn't know people ate them. Enjoy!

9 Jan, 2013


:)) They have delicious meat, Steragram. Much better then deers.

10 Jan, 2013

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