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Shorter trip to the mountains.


Today I had a time to make a half day tour to the Popradske pleso (sort of mountain lake, in altitude of 1500 metres above the sea).
Journey up to there is full of potholes, hollows, rocks and roots erupting into the path.

Sometimes I saw this…

…or this…

I do not know if you have in English any fairy tale, in which there are starring, among others, trees which eat rocks. This one has escaped …

This one is keeping safe all passengers walking by. Protects them from this old rock avalanche. Look on those muscles developed by years….

Photos for gardeners: this time wild flowers…

Is this wild Sedum?

Wooden bridge across wild waters…

I think Paul would like this path, for sure :))

Ach, almost massacre….self-confident caterpillar crossed my way…it takes some time…just watching her :)

Fireweeds everywhere…

Cranberries…well, hurry up, as these locations can be dangerous because of bears…they love cranberries and people, too.

This pine I remember from my teenage years. Hello, Majesty! Life is hard, isnĀ“t it?

Not at all, Kat. We live and will die with this view.

…do not know what is this, but it was nice…

Here you see part of Tatra Trail – a path made by hundreds of volunteers after the WW II – it is several kilometres long and creates path for tourists across all important peaks and valleys. The guy over there fell down couple of minutes before, but heroically continued :)

Ho ho! A new touristic guide?

The goal of the trip is here…

Mountain cottage named after Captain Stephen Moravek, a partisan leader, who was killed here in 1945.
Time for a big mug of herbal tea with rum and chat with veterans of the Mountain Rescue Service. They went to the the mountain symbolic cemetery and were so kind, that they made me a photo :)

…and a way back. It was nice to be back for a minute, although I cannot feel some parts of my body now….

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thats beautiful katarina, what a lovely place.

i dont know that little bird but i do like him, and im wondering if the wild sedum is valerian????

im sure lulu has those red berries so she or kasia will know what they are called

17 Aug, 2012


I hope so :))

17 Aug, 2012


Stunning scenery

17 Aug, 2012


Thank you. Plan was to go even higher, to higher situated lakes, but I do not have training.

17 Aug, 2012


You do live in an amazing place Katarina - thank you for the tour, which we took without getting stiff and tired!

17 Aug, 2012


Hahaha. Thank you very much, Steragram. I am happy you could take a trip while drinking your tea/coffee. But in two it would be much more fun.

17 Aug, 2012


A lovely blog Katarina. Really enjoyed that walk. Probably couldnt have done it in the flesh so to speak, but that was beautiful.

17 Aug, 2012


wow that looks beautiful Kat, such lovely scenery...

17 Aug, 2012


:)) Thank you, SL.

17 Aug, 2012


Fabulous scenery Kat I would have enjoyed being there with you , but enjoyed it from here also :o))

17 Aug, 2012


great photos katarina : )

17 Aug, 2012


Amy, Stevie @ thank you to both :) You both are invited for a trip if you once decide to visit Slovakia. I will show you incredible places :)

18 Aug, 2012


Are they the Tatra Mountains ? Thank you for taking us on your climb. Nice small pieces of rock there for Alpine gardens in UK !

18 Aug, 2012


Hi Diane, yes they are Tatra mountains. Have you been there? Well, I think, it would be more comfortable to buy a rock in Garden centre, then carry it down from the mountains :)))

18 Aug, 2012


Lovely scenery - lovely walk! Thank you for sharing. :o)

18 Aug, 2012


That was very enjoyable thank you for posting

18 Aug, 2012


Enjoyed your blog and photos

18 Aug, 2012


what a day you had, Kat - stunning photos, thanks for sharing!

18 Aug, 2012


Thank you very much to all. Sending you my warm greetings from the bed :)

18 Aug, 2012


WOW brilliant photography and informative script

20 Aug, 2012


Thank you very much, Dogsbod :)

21 Aug, 2012

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