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Medieval festival on the Castel Cerveny Kamen


Many of you already have been here with me. This is the Castle Cerveny Kamen (Red Stone), named after rocks of a colour like terracota, which you can see in its surroundings.
Each year at the end of July there is the festival of medieval life here. Lot of attractions like fencing, archery, cooking medieval food, falconry…
This is the entrance to the castle and this is a small visitor who made all people around him busy just because he wanted to hold the bird:)

Make a photo of me! Quickly! For how long do you think I will pose like this for you?

They tied me to this shank. Auuu. I want to be free.

Hello, little collegue, don´t be nervous. Take it easy.

Have a look. You can jump down, like me.


Let´s go further. This is falconry, or better say, part of it. You can see different beautiful birds here.

Og nooo…another visitor. I will not pay you any attention, ignorant. My IQ is the same as yours. I am the common raven and I am able to learn human speech. You – in contrary to me – are not able to learn my language, ignorant. I would better comb my feather…

And this is a clear provocation…


…and many eyes watching him…

OK. And this is human corner…

Medieval cakes…

A woman – carver obsessed with wooden angels.

I bought one from her. Very cute.

Camp from the 14th century…

…results of my archery…:) Next year I will be better…

And the best farewell is with music. This time it is medieval music. I must say – it was really GOOD.

It caught also this ancient dancer and made him move…

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Very interesting blog Katarina

29 Jul, 2012


Beautiful photos Katarina - those owls are great, and I love the little ancient dancer. We are hoping to go to a medieval fair tomorrow but I don't think it will be nearly as big as this one - but there is going to be medieval food to taste!

29 Jul, 2012


Love the owls! Looks like you had a fun day!

30 Jul, 2012


I like this festival, as it is so relaxing. There exist already few pubs over Slovakia and Czech republic, which serve medieval foods - they usually have their own bakeries, too. Medieval foods are very good for vegetarians :)))

30 Jul, 2012


Hi Nariz, thanks. It wasn´t a fun day really, but at least it was interesting :)))

30 Jul, 2012


the bird in picture 3 looks like a barn owl to me, my very favourite bird. great blog, Kat, thanks

2 Aug, 2012


Hello Fran, thanks. I am not an expert in owls, that is why I made photos of all labels which these birds had in front of their cages. This was tawny owl. Doesn´t is beautiful, isn´t it? :))

2 Aug, 2012


Steragram@how was your medieval food? Did you make some photos?

2 Aug, 2012

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