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What has Chuck Norris common with us?


Slovakia has short borders with Austria. But they are very, very busy. Since 1989, when Iron Curtain disintegrated.
Slovak cyclotourists are very fond of Austrian cyclo-routes and so mayor of Bratislava and his Austrian counterpart decided to built a bridge between Austria and Slovakia for them. I visited the place, called Devínska Nova Ves, today.

First sign of some architectonical activity here. Continue…

Poor stork family definitely ended here.

It must have been lovely, quiet place for them for decades…as it is still…

Former socialistic army did not allow anybody just to knock around :)

…but what can silent wings do with noisy machines?

And this is one of the narrowest from several branches of the Blue Danube. As it was always so narrow, many emigrees started their wonderful dream here, using it as escape channel. Now here will be a bridge. Twenty years after many sad things happened here. This what you see is already Austrian bank. Austrians are faster – their part of the bridge is already at the river.

So hopefully we will be as fast to finish the bridge before the end of the world will start.
And what will be its name? In all Slovak polls leads indestructible American heroe Chuck Norris. Yea, yea, that man who is able to grab the hair of bald, the one who is able to take the missed call. Yea, that same man, who was born in his self-built house.
From all stories about this hero I like this one especially – Justin Bieber ended in the hospital after Chuck poked him on Facebook.
So wishing the bridge to get his name. As this poll is about one thing – we are bored with politicians and famous leaders. We believe more to fairy tales. And that´s good. In some way.

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you have some lovely photo's there Katarina i love the river shots.. Chuck Norris was one of the reasons i took up martial arts quite a few years ago ~ seems like a long time ago now :-))

25 Feb, 2012


Yea, he has his piece of charm :)
I did martial arts, too, but all boys were too weak, so I left it - also long time ago :)

25 Feb, 2012


Interesting ...

25 Feb, 2012


Thank you, Sheilar.

25 Feb, 2012


I am bored with politicians too :o(

25 Feb, 2012


Lovely pics Katarina, thankyou for showing us this bridge, I find the choice of name quite funny but hope the people get their choice and hopefully a happy ending as well..

26 Feb, 2012


The major of Bratislava said almost the same Lincslass as you :) But for what are polls and voting then? Vox populi, vox Dei.

26 Feb, 2012


Katarina - wanted to leave my comment here much earlier - but somehow I didn't.
I think jokes about Chuck Norris are not as popular here as they are in Europe.
Someone just sent me a link - so I thought I would share.
Title says:
and funny things the wall the bus has crushed into is the wall of the bank, lol

4 Mar, 2012


Thanks, lol. And do you know this: Onion did not make Chuck Norris cry. He made onion to cry.

4 Mar, 2012


Hahaha. Zatrzymal, hahaha. It reminds me Polish advertisement of Wrangler jeans. Two beautiful ladies with nice long legs, packed tightly in jeans, walked calmly into the fire. Claim says: Ni ogniem, ni meczem. Wrangler. Lol.

4 Mar, 2012


That's very interesting Kat I shall look forward to seeing more photos when the bridge is finished and you cross the bridge ............

14 Mar, 2012


:) Will be an opening ceremony with Chuck Norris, too :)
I will make photo with Chuck too :) - if bodyguards won´t make problems. Or do you think he doesn´t need bodyguards :)....?

15 Mar, 2012

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