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X-mas rituals done


In the morning mom first quarreled with me (it is her usual ritual), then we made agreement who would be responsible for what for X-mas dinner. Father is out of all, as usually. Mother cooks kapustnica and I went to feed my animals in the yard. If there is X-mas, my rabbits do not get just usual corn, but also nice smelling hay and apple.

This is Christopher Kolumbus (has very studious character, that is why that famous name). In fact, it is “she”, but we found it too late.

This is Grandmother. She is lazy but likes order in her cage. Does not like small rabbits, if some is knocking around she bites him to ear. Otherwise a peaceful character.

Daddy. His kids you saw in spring. He doesn´t trust me since I moved guinea-pigs from his cage. He has felt alone since that time. But they enjoy being in their own cage, I think.

First guinea-pig, or better say the nose and the eye you see in the window, is Kika, the blind one. The second head belongs to Dido, her care taker.
Guinea-pigs are very social. Never buy just one to your kids. They will live shortly then. These two have 7 years and still communicate :).

It does t look like mid December. Yesterday frost is melting.

…preparing the table… here is special sweet fragile bread with vanilla and cinnamon we brake before dinner and give to each others piece…Just for those, who were curious.

…and the X-mas table is ready – four seniors over 74 and me…

Merry X-mas.

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Hi Katarina.

Nice pics. of your rabbits and guinea pigs.

Lovely that the two guinea pigs have each other for company, and wonderful that Dido helps blind Kika.

I hope you enjoy your meal with the senior citizens.

And I'm sure your furry friends have fun eating their special festive treats.

Have a lovely Christmas. :o)))

24 Dec, 2011


your dinner table looks beautiful katarina, it was such an interesting blog, thank you.

i do like the idea of those breads that you share

happy christmas

24 Dec, 2011


Lol, Terratoonie, those senior citizens are my parents, my uncle and aunt. Lol. Will forward your greeting to them.

24 Dec, 2011


Merry Christmas Katarina , your table look beautiful , enjoy yourselves and have fun :o))

24 Dec, 2011


Merry Christmas Katarina and pets :o) Have a nice time ..

24 Dec, 2011


Thank you :)

24 Dec, 2011


Happy Christmas, Katarina! xxxx

25 Dec, 2011


Thank you Gattina, merry Italian X-mas to you.

25 Dec, 2011


Happy Christmas & New Year 2012 to you, Katarina! :-)) Good to learn about your Guinea pigs helping each other! Hope you rabbits liked their apple!

26 Dec, 2011


Hi, Balcony! Nice to meet you and merry Christmas and happy New Year to you, too.

26 Dec, 2011

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