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It is X-mas time. It is family holiday, but I think most of all holiday of all children. Many children stay homeless in these days. Wish them all a better next year.

This video song is now the most popular in the Czech republic and Slovakia.
There are three reasons – first, the singer who is singing there, just recovered from palsy, so he knows what is physical mysery. Secondly, when politicians from all over the world were parting with ex-president Havel in the cathedral yesterday, musicians made their last concert for him who was once common man as they are -directly here on main station. With this musician too. Thirdly, the song is about small faith in us and X-mas.
Enjoy it too!

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What a beautiful song Katarina, although I do not understand a word he is singing there, but the 'Alleluia' word somehow brought warmth to my heart. God bless all homeless people young and old. I wish I could do more or even house them all. This is the time of year when I go very quiet.. reflecting on all those who do not have.. and are suffering through no fault of their own, especially the innocent children. But I must be strong and carry on or I might find myself hiding so that I do not see or hear anything that's going on around me. My heart goes out to them.

24 Dec, 2011


Thank you Michaella. The song is about a man who is coming home from the town and is travelling by train to the coutryside, listening to people singing Hallelujah in church. And imagines Jesus who smiles from cross on those who believe in miracles. Finally he reaches his station, but the church is empty and Holy cross disappeared. In spite of that he hears Hallelujah.

To handle poverty is very hard, but it is possible if people were less greedy. I like very much what Thomas Bata, the founder of Bata shoe company said at the beginning of the world crisis in thirties: "I do not believe in economic crisis. The thing we are used to call economic crisis is just another name for moral poverty. Moral poverty is the reason, economic crisis is just result. In our country many people think, that economic decline can be sanated by money. I am frightened by consequences of this mistake. In this situation we do not need any genial turns and combinations. We need just moral attitute to people, work and public estate. We must not support the bancrupting, make debts, blackmail working people but must do all that what lifted us from afterwar poverty - work, save and make work more valuable and honorable activity then lazyness and spending." Wise, wasn´t he?

24 Dec, 2011


Thank you Katarina. That was a nice somg. Poverty is a difficult problem. Some people seem to have too much, and some too little.

25 Dec, 2011


It was always like that, Hywel. The only difference from the past is that while in the past people get estates either in/by wars, by heritage or speculations, in this era a group of politicians make agreement and pass (legally) the laws which enable them to earn more money and to suck more the others. This is socialism.

25 Dec, 2011

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