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Let me go!!!


By kasy


I was watering my plants in the afternoon when I suddenly realized the water was not coming from the watering can as it should.
‘oh -there must be a leaf blocking it’ – I said to myself. So I put the watering can on the table to solve the problem.
“Let me out!!! let me out!!!’ – I’ve heard the voice coming from the watering can.
Errr – what on earth???

‘I said let me out!!!’

- ‘But where are you?
- ’I’m here! Can’t you see me???’ I am stuck! I can’t move! I’ll die here!

- ‘Oh, you poor little thing – wait a second.’
Quick look around – there is a bamboo stick I can use.
- ‘Ok – now listen carefully – you hide and I push, ok?
Can you swim?
Here we go: one, two, three and go!’
- ‘Help! help! Water is….. wet!’

- ‘I told you! – I can’t swim!’
- ‘oh, I’m sorry – it was the only way to do it’

- ‘I better be off – where I was’

- ‘hold it, hold it – not so fast’

- ‘hey, what arey you doing??? I can’t fly either!’ Don’t you understand English???’

- ‘put me down!’ Mummy, mummy! help!

- ‘I said put me down or I’ll bite you!

- ‘ahhh – that’s much better’.

And off he went over the fence to join his brothers and sisters :)

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Ah yes. They seem to love watering can spouts, especially for hibernating in!

14 Jul, 2013


This was loovely, Kasia. I enjoy the blog like a fairy tale ;-) But I omit one detail. What was that technique by which you pushed a poor garden snail out of your watering can?

14 Jul, 2013


Poor thing lol I hate them but I don't like to see them dying. I usually throw them over the garage roof :o) I hope he's learnt his lesson and keeps out of your way in future :o)

14 Jul, 2013


Hywel@You should introduce decollate snail in your garden, then :-)

15 Jul, 2013


Thank you Katarina, that sounds a good idea ... I don't think it would be legal though. Maybe a few will escape accidentally from somewhere one day :o)

15 Jul, 2013


My poor things are sentenced to death and are executed under my boot. Throwing them over the fence may face a more inhumane death by my neighbour. No empty fields on either side to seek asylum.

15 Jul, 2013


I know this will sound like provocation, but I have snails in my garden, do not kill them (only Noris has a snack sometimes) and still my flowers, including Hostas, are not touched, or if, then infinitesimally.
I wonder, if there isnĀ“t something else wrong. Maybe too much rains in the islands? Different snails?

15 Jul, 2013


Well - I guess I am lucky to have a field at the back of the garden. Otherwise it would be difficult decision what to do with them... ;-)
Katarina - I took a bamboo stick and pushed him down into the watering can... He couldn't come through the whole in the watering can spout. Too fat? lol
As for number of snails - I don't remember them being so many when I was gardening back in Poland. But the climate is really different. Back home summers are got and dry - here the humidity is very high. I remember when I was watering plants in the offices - it was done fortnightly, and remember going to the restaurant in Bath to water a dracaena once a month.

15 Jul, 2013


:-) Peeeeep. This is only for you Kasia: now I understand, why French do not like British. Pssh. They are jealous of their snails....:-))

15 Jul, 2013


I will be a good girl now.

15 Jul, 2013


Ha ha....think he may have had a flying lesson once rescued if I'd found him........over to next doors garden or the fields behind us!!!!!
Either way , he'd be eating so done else's plants, as your one is now!!!!

15 Jul, 2013


Never say never, Paul. You can open your own private flying lesson school in the garden in future ;-)

16 Jul, 2013

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