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Climbing up


By kasy


Looking out from my kitchen window I could ‘hear’ the hill calling me – come here Kasy!!! I am waiting….

Didn’t hesitate for long – made flask of coffee and off I went…
first I have to cross the street and follow the sign.

climbed over the fence and located my point of destination – where the arrow is

The road goes over the canal – but hey! something has changed! oh, I know – a brand new path… To be honest I preferred an old muddy one…

Looking around I spotted a heron. Took a picture and only when I’ve downloaded it and looked at it on the screen I noticed there were 4 herons!

ok – time to move. Crossing the canal – lovely stone bridge and some life form attached to it, lol.

Hooray – first bluebell!!!

Hello sweetie:)

There is something I want to see – in the middle – where larch woods is meeting fir woods…

But hey! What a lovely shade cast by an oak tree to my left…

Let’s check it out! But there is a stream on my way there…

Carefully stepping on stones…

Getting closer

And here it is – the oak tree leafing up:)

Let’s go back to the main path.

Larch cone and new growth:)

Winter is over – take that hat off, lol

Hello Mr Mole Face. Hope you’re ok. Nice to see you again…

An unknown plant – likes to grow where is shady and wet

Almost 2 hours of walking and still full of energy – so decided to climb up more.
Found this very clever seedling last year – isn’t it the best bed for a plant? lol. It’s in a branch of the beech tree.

Hmmm – how did they do it??? it’s really steep hill here!

another surprise – looks like an old neglected barn

Time to head home – the signs has disappeared somewhere – let’s just follow the sun.

A majestic oak in front of me – but is it the dark, moody fir wood surrounding it – suddenly I felt goose pimples on my skin…

Came out of the dark woods – and decided to sit down to have a cup of coffe.

Looking down – where home sweet home is…

Sorry guys – you can’t go with me….

Look who is still there after 4 hours..

Can I have a closer look?

sorry – don’t like paparazzis

Familiar bridge – will be home in few minutes:)

Hope you enjoyed:)

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lovely blog kasy and beautiful photos! thats quite a walk but lucky you having it so near your house.
loved that huge old tree and the little kid.

2 Apr, 2012


What a wonderful walk, im worn out just looking.
Beautiful part of the world you live in Kasy, Did you go alone?

2 Apr, 2012


Simply brilliant blog Kasy, stunning scenery and pics!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

2 Apr, 2012


See, well worth the effort wasn't it? Said it before, there is always a lovely light in your photographs Kasy. I like the spooky wood.

3 Apr, 2012


Thank you Kasy, you are a landscape artist with a camera.

3 Apr, 2012


A lovely place to walk,Kasy..just you and nature together..wonderful :o)

3 Apr, 2012


Lol, Kasia, BARDZO PIEKNE. Swietne! Listen, those photos are worth of publication in a book :)
I liked the oak. Wonderful. Mystic. Shivering also on a photo. What a bauty. I have one in my garden (professionals will smile), but it is so otherscomforting tree. A King tree :)

3 Apr, 2012


Bardzo piekne, swietne! Listen Kasia, you will be once book maker :) I loved that oak tree. Mysterious. Majestic. Big Protector. Love it. I have one in my garden. I know all professionals will smile, but oak is a King of the wood.

3 Apr, 2012


I apologize for double emotional messages. It showed me an empty message box each time, so I wrote it once again. Then appeared both on the page. Some kind of magic here, lol. Druids?

3 Apr, 2012


Papparazzi was left, lol?

3 Apr, 2012


Excellent blog Kasy and great photos, really enjoyed it.

3 Apr, 2012


Thank you for all your lovely comments. It is so beautiful where I live really:) and it is all at my doorstep. I just need to jump over the road and there I am - just me and Nature:) I usually walk alone - my friends and family members can't cope with me taking too many pictures, lol. Glad you like my pictures - still practising:)
Katarina - don't worry about double comments - it's just a technology, lol.
My dream is to be able to make money selling pictures. A book would be nice, too:) lol.
This is the only oak tree that made me feel that way - but I guess it was its surroundings, lol.

3 Apr, 2012


A very nice walk with beautiful scenery and wonderful trees and flowers, .... but you were brave to to it alone :o)
The unknown plant I think is Golden Saxifrage.

3 Apr, 2012


What an enjoyable blog, Kasy! That looks like a perfect walk and your photos are excellent. Thankyou for sharing this with us.

3 Apr, 2012


Very enjoyable,Particularly liked how well you managed freeze the Heron in flight and stay in perfect focus.

3 Apr, 2012


the heron is brilliant, it looks like he has a cape on

3 Apr, 2012


that's excellent Kasy, i do love that dark wood, it's the dapple shade in there, almost as if it want's to be explored... great blog...

3 Apr, 2012


Lovely walk Kasy, thanks for taking me with you!!

3 Apr, 2012


I wish I`d walked alongside of you but feel like I haven`t missed out because of your fabulous photographs, you do live in beautiful surroundings, I really wouldn`t mind being at my kitchen sink if I could gaze out at a view like that.
Thankyou Kasy, I really enjoyed your walk...

3 Apr, 2012


3 chapter: Yes, I agree, heron is greatly focused. It is not easy to make sharp photo of moving bird. Looks little bit like Mr. Dracula flying away, lol. Better let keep the Green hat (baranica) on - cold weather is behind doors.

3 Apr, 2012


Thanks again for your comments:)
It's bit scary sometimes to walk on my own, but....
It's really bit of a climb - next time will try to go for a walk along the canal.
As for the flying heron - tried to get a better shot of it standing, made one step forward - pressed the button - but a moment earlier it decided to fly. Pure accident the picture is good, lol.

3 Apr, 2012


Accident is favourable only to the prepared. Said once Josef Gregor Mendel, the famous breeder and founder of genetics :)

3 Apr, 2012


tommy shortlegs takes lots of bird pictures and says he uses the sports mode so clicks away and doesnt miss anything ~ im going to try that

i love walking on my own!!

3 Apr, 2012


I have Canon camera, but did not find tricky button called sports mode :)

4 Apr, 2012


On my camera it is a 'running man' icon Katarina:)
Sticki - I don't mind walking with companion - don't like being rushed and to hear I take to many pictures, lol. But I have to agree I take too many. But defending myself I keep saying - I need to practice, lol

4 Apr, 2012


i do the same!!!

4 Apr, 2012

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