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how should i add life to my garden


By kaps


Hi Everyone, We have recently moved to a property where it has a huge unmaintened, cold and no life garden. I would like to see my garden where my daughter (who is atm 1 year old) soon be playing, where I can love looking out of my window.

What I have done so far: It had very long plants which i cleared, it had two huge trees which I have removed.

What i would like to have: low maintenance, still have some green patch in middle so that DD can play but I would like to do it myself as far as possible. I dont have much to shed on labour :(.

Can anyone advise how and what you think should look better here and from where should i start. Here is my garden picture:

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Hi, welcome to GOY.

It doesn'have to be too expensive. If you want to have more grass, it can easily be grown from seed!
Whatever you're going to do, I would start by digging over the soil and removing weeds.
Obviously, u need to decide what u want.if u have small children, u probably want low maintenance.maybe shrubs around a lawned area. But what kind of shrubs? flowering , evergreen.
Or, if you want some annual floweringg plants, maybe a cottage style border, that's easy and cheap! for example you could grow Poppies, Cornflower Marigolds from seed.It really is quite easy.
I would suggest , first of all, u have a look on line and get some ideas of styles of gardens!
If you are going to have borders, maybe curved edges or maybe straight but don't know what looks best...get a piece of rope or hose pipe and lay it out in the shape u think you'd like then go upstairs and have a look(as u have for this photo). Whatever you decide or consider, there will be someone on here who's done it before or knows someone who has it's a good place to ask!
Good luck.

19 Mar, 2013


I think Paul has just about covered everything you need to consider before you get stuck in.
It won't be long before DD is of an age where she will be getting inquisitive as well as wanting outdoors to play.
What about sectioning of a small are where you and she can can learn how to sow seeds and watch them grow. Kids love this kind of thing.
Some supermarkets sell shrubs and plants nowadays at very reasonable prices as many members here on GOY will tell you.
If you go to the bottom of the page and click the letter L you will find the topic of Low Maintenance Gardens - you may get some ideas from the hundreds of pictures.
Good luck from me too

19 Mar, 2013


I think if I was doing a garden for a small child, especially this elongated garden, I would have grass near the house (to enable you to see what the little one is doing) and then maybe break down the rest into different areas, borders with shrubs and flowers, and incorporate trellising to give it that look of separate areas. I would not install a pond as I think that is a hazard for the small ones, even the very shallow ones are so dangerous. Make sure you leave room for a sandpit or water try etc. nearer the house and maybe you could in time invest in raised planters to grow yourself some nice salad leaves etc. or tomato plants. Good luck with it all, you are going to have such fun with your little one in that garden. Enjoy yourself whatever you get up to. Little by little, do not make it a chore, you have plenty to occupy yourself baby first garden last.

19 Mar, 2013


Also some easily washable non-iron small size polycotton rompers for when she can toddle on the lawn and
fall over !

20 Mar, 2013


ah bless! those were the days Diane. Lovely memories! :O))))

20 Mar, 2013


Many thanks everyone. I have now got some plans properly drafted on a paper and soon start giving shape to my garden..ofcourse once this weather is over :( I will soon post the pics as and when i start doing work. Thanks once again.

26 Mar, 2013


Be good to post the pics at various stages of progress.Interesting for us, but also for you, to be able to look back on...Good luck!

27 Mar, 2013


Hello Everyone, I am back with a little bit of improvement in my garden. Thought to share with what I have done so far :)

got the garden cleared up as you can see in the picture. Also now it will all be green except the path where i will be putting white gravels with some edging. What do you all think will it look nice ? or any other suggestions.

21 Apr, 2013


ahh forgot to mention, have also put grass seeds and some lawn feed and weed killer to the existing grass.
just now waiting for grass to come and see how it will look like. was waiting for over a year for this :(..

21 Apr, 2013

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