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hi all, for anyone who may be interested i thought i would show you what we have been getting off the allotment the last few weeks..
courgetts, round yellow these wont be long now.

pointed cabbage,it doesnt have a strong taste but it is nice.

sweetcorn,minipop coming along nice now.

peas Feltham first..we have had 8lbs up to now & have just planted out our maincrop.

strawbs have been fruiting like mad we have had 13lbs up to now & they are still flowering, for the first time ever i made jam.. 3 pots.

potatoes coming thick & fast now too..first earlies Pentland Javelin..also had 10lbs of our maincrop king edward..we took them up as leaves on top were going
off a bit but potatoes were ok underneath.

2nd lot of beetroot….

(any beetroot recipes will be most welcome )..right its a lovely day here so guess where i am off

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wow , what alot of lovely produce.. Especially jealous of your peas and strawberries, just love eating them freshly picked...Must be very satisfying

14 Jul, 2011


Fantastic showing. My mother in law used to make wine with beetroot, not sure if I can find a recipe now, will have a look, but I remember it was very nice.

14 Jul, 2011


Great photos, you're doing very well from your allotment aren't you? I can't wait to try growing my own peas next year :)

14 Jul, 2011


I am not going to give you a recipe as such but I will tell how me and all people in Cyprus I come from, eat beetroot.
You boil them until they become soft. Then you boil equivalent amount of potatoes. You boil the potatoes separately because potatoes cook faster. You peel them, slice to small pieces, add olive olive, vinegar, salt, fresh onion, parsley, lettuce, quantities according to taste, you mix them well and good appetite.
I used to have an allotment and grow a lot of beetroot. Don't let them grow too big because they will become tough and take very long time to cook. Better pick when they are the size of a cricket ball.

14 Jul, 2011


It all looks very impressive! And tasty! Well done!

Coshad - Here in France, we're big on beetroot - I'm going to try your recipe!!


14 Jul, 2011


Makes it all worthwhile Joanella, pleased everything is growing well for you.....

14 Jul, 2011


looking gud there ............. all looks yummy !! had plenty my self from my garden ............

14 Jul, 2011


Hi Madabout & thank you for your comment, a lot of strawbs & peas were eaten as we picked them.:o)
Cinders,wow not heard of beetroot wine bet it stains the teeth eh lol sounds good though.:o)
Craftyemma,its well worth trying & so easy..
coshad thanks for the recipe it sounds good & i will give it a go..not been to Cyprus but just come back from Greece where we had the most delicious pasta & sauces..i will take your tip on the size to pick the beets too ..thank you..
thank you Karenfrance..:o)
Hi Lincs,yes it makes up for all the days getting up with a sore
Hi Cristina,nothing better than growing your own is there ? tastes so much better..:o)

14 Jul, 2011


This all looks wonderful and tasty. Worth all the hard work. I'm going to try the beetroot recipe, Coshad, it sound good.

14 Jul, 2011


Ooh Joan, what a lovely selection of crops you've got there! You've picked 8lbs of Peas already? Brilliant! I've put this blog on to my Favourites to show M in the morning ... he'll look and weep at our pathetic attempts ... lol! : o ))

14 Jul, 2011


thank you Marshmallow,i am going to try coshads recipe too it sounds good to have with salad.
Hi Shirley,yes they were first earlies (peas ) i was the only one to grow them on the lad frowned when i planted them back in march & said "ooh its a bit early for them" didnt say that when i was picking them before he had his though lol,i am sure your attempts are doing quite well..wait till next year you will be flying with it then.:o)

15 Jul, 2011


I bet he's not frowning now! I really love picking, shelling & eating fresh peas Joan. Yesterday afternoon I was given about thirty tiny Leeks to plant, from another plot holder, took them but feel guilty now as nothing to swap with ... yet! . . . . .

15 Jul, 2011


30 thats good,dont feel guilty they will be glad someone has them to plant..better than wasting them..i have about 15 leeks on the plot but they are sooo slow been in ages now & still only the size of half a pencil ..:o))

15 Jul, 2011


Is that due to lack of rain then Joan?

15 Jul, 2011


Mine are tiny also. Still in a pot just now but I think I'll put them out anyway. I don't know why they are so slow but they usually turn out ok, not giant , but ok.

17 Jul, 2011


Sorry didnt reply sooner Shirley,must be having a "senior " week this week..i dont know why they are not doing so good ..but with the rain we have had last week they should be 2ft tall lol.
Hi marshmallow,it cant do any harm to put them out they may come on a bit better..:o)

17 Jul, 2011


Rain is a swear word today Joan ... it has pelted down most of the day ... and it's chilly too! : o ((

17 Jul, 2011


tell me about it,same here couldnt even get to the greenhouse..been fed up all day,my poor garden & flowers are sodden & drooping..:o(

17 Jul, 2011


Here also...everthing fooled, again.....:((

17 Jul, 2011

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