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Just a few Cacti...


Hi All, on hols in Plalma Nova, Majorca the week before last we ..well i.. had to visit the GC in Santa Ponsa..
it sold mainly cacti..just thought i would show you some pics i took there.

The shop owner followed me round sneakily..must have thought i was mad taking pics of the plants

i think this one is so funny..

not cheap though.

This notice was at the till..


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lovely big collection there - also love the sign - I need that sign too :):):)

20 May, 2011


thanks Paul,lol..:o)

20 May, 2011


I bet Hywel will be on the next plane - lol.

20 May, 2011


lol KF,i know he has a passion for them..:o)

20 May, 2011


I also thought of Hywel, he`s going to love them. That funny one looks like that horrible Homer Simpson but I won`t hold it against the cactus, its a good sign, makes you smile..
Great Photo`s, shame you couldn`t smuggle a few in your Luggage......

20 May, 2011


Oh that place looks like paradise lol :o)) I wish there was something like that near here ! So many wonderful cacti and succulents. I wouldn't know which ones to leave behind lol
Thank you for showing them. I think they are so fascinating :)

21 May, 2011


Hi Lincs, i thought of the Simpsons too sad to say i didnt buy any..
Hywel.. how did i know you would like these, i think you would spend a lot of money in this shop lol. :o))

21 May, 2011


hi joan hope you enjoyed your hols and are ready to tackle the allotment once again, lovely pics and im sure one lovely welsh gentleman will love them lol :o)
oops just seen him drooling above haha

21 May, 2011


Cacti just do nothing for me Joan ... but I did enjoy reading your blog ... hope you're not on CCTV taking all those pics! : o ))

21 May, 2011


hi San & Shirley,yes i did enjoy my hols..i hope you enjoyed yours too must look on here tmoz to see if you have put a blog on yet..i do like cacti & have about 5 but dont go looking for them in GCs if you know what i mean,i hope i wasnt on cctv too Shirley..mad plant woman with camera lol.:o)

21 May, 2011


Like you, Joanella, I like Cacti but wouldn't go to a GC to buy one! If I were given one I'd do what I could to keep it growing as I have done before in Spain.

Glad you enjoyed yourself why you were a way. :-)) I also visited a small GC when I was in Spain, when we went to visit our family there for a few days after the Prince's wedding. Because it was Mother's Day in Spain on 1st May we took advantage of the extra day's holiday here plus my wife had a few days holiday in hand to spend 4 days with them.

I've written a blog where I included some photos of the GC our son took me to see. There were some Cacti there as well - they made me remember Hywel as well!

23 May, 2011


Hi Balcony,yes the few cacti i have i got from a charity shop £1 each i felt sorry for them so took them home lol.i read your blog on the GC & commented about how neat the place looked but just noticed you have a part 2 to it to read it now..:o)

24 May, 2011

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