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bamboo , that was lucky..


At the begining of summer i was considering whether to get some bamboo as a contrast for the back of my garden..but the price put me off at £19 for two..

then i remembered the lucky bamboo plant my mum had bought was just sat in a bowl with water…hmm

so i split it into 3 lots..i put one lot in the glass here with water..
and another lot i potted up ..10 weeks later and they are doing really well..
so i may pot the rest of them up too..its a cheaper way of getting more bamboo for your money as i think the pot & bamboo were about £6..for 20 stems..

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good idea joan but two for £19 isnt expensive but would be small for that, i paid £40 for my established one this year "black bamboo" but love it, just hope its ok over winter, might fleece it to be sure

7 Sep, 2010


i used to have it in garden but it spred all over so we dug it up. but i am missing a bit ,so i may have to do that as keep looking at them ,san the black ones are lovely ,but thats a lot of mony . xx

7 Sep, 2010


its huge cristina and seen them more expensive, i have it in a huge planter and burried to keep under controll, will post pic tomoz to show you how big it is ;o) xx

7 Sep, 2010


thats brill will look 2 moz then . am of now ,bath an bed . lol the 73 year old lady keeps waking me up at 5 grrrr . have to gv her a miky fin i think lol .............. now wheres that gin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Sep, 2010


hi Sandra ,i had no idea it was soo expensive, mind you i had never even looked at it before..£40..i would be watching it like a hawk over winter as you use a duvet instead of a fleece lol..hope your mum is ok Sandra..
hi Cris,you should have kept a few stems & prob kept in pots....

7 Sep, 2010


lol joan will use joes duvet when he goes to uni hahaha, mum doing well thanx joan ;o))

7 Sep, 2010


glad to hear that dreading it when Daniel goes .the house will seem empty..are you the same.?

7 Sep, 2010


oh yes very much so joan, i want him to do so well but dread him not being here ;o(( but will look forward to his visits and ours to see him to ;o))

9 Sep, 2010


I hate to be the one to tell you that so-called-lucky-bamboo is not bamboo at all. I can't remember the real name but as far as I can remember it is a house plant. I have some of it too, some in water & some I planted in soil and I have it outside my door, in the shade. It needs to be kept moist. It will let you know if it's too dry as the tips will turn brown. I think bamboo should NEVER be planted in the garden as it just takes over. Plus it's very messy as it sheds & if it doesn't get enough water it doesn't look good at all. I have found that the small bamboo, sorry I don't know the name, likes mostly shade and generous watering. Although plated in pots it can make a lovely plant or screen.

10 Oct, 2010


thanx Angie,i didnt know it wasnt bamboo, i also have some in water i dont think it would survive outside here with our climate..i will just keep it in greenhouse & see how it goes.. thanks for the info we learn something new everyday lol..

10 Oct, 2010

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