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By jaxxxx


Some 10 months ago I purchased a £100 tree fern from B&Q Blackpool.
Having planted it in the right position, correct soil and added the advised nutrients, I then covered with an appropriate covering over winter. On uncovering the centre is mushy and clearly the plant is dead.
I advised Blackpool B&Q who said they would not do anything as they take no responbility for plants after 4 months. I reminded them that Dobby’s and Wye Vale plants were guaranteed for one year and that previously when another of these species had died over 16 months later they had replaced it.

On receiving this information there was a change of tune and I was told that they would despatch a horticulturalist within the hour. A ‘gentleman’ appeared who failed to provide ID, barely looked at the plant from 5 ft away, didnt touch it, grunted and left within the space of 6 seconds (witnessed & Timed). He did not check soil conditions or check the direction of the plant or drainage. He did not explain his findings or comment. I personally believe he had just left collecting trolleys from the car park!.
Two hours later I received a call from another B&Q representative who advised that there would be no refund or replacement as their policy only assured plants for 4 months. I reminded him of B&Q’s competitors policies, which was of little interest to him. I have spent over £200 on tree ferns fromB&Q. Three of them have died. B&Q replaced one, but then denied having done so. I will personally never buy another plant from B&Q, particularly not one that was so expensive. Their guarantees, quality and after care service stands for nothing. The next stage will be to contact Trading Standards, again, who have stated that there is a case to answer. But obviously will require exhaustive letter writing, which I believe is by design in the hope that customers will get border and simply ‘go away’ Well this is one customer who has gone away permanently and will recommend anyone and everyone does similar.

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Not very good service B & Q!!! I hope you get some recompense jaxxxx although it won't be enough for all the letter writing and toing and froing you have had to do will it!!

4 Apr, 2011


Sorry to hear of your trouble geting a refund. It's to bad but the big stores only want your money. They don't care just as long as they can make their millions. I never buy plants from B&Q. They only tend to have the same boring things.

4 Apr, 2011


Sorry to hear of your problems with B & Q - As Hywel says the big stores really don't care about giving a complete care service - they just want your money - that's why I prefer to go to a well know GC locally as they always give good service and seem to really care about how your plants are growing. Best of luck with getting some recompense.

5 Apr, 2011


so sorry about your tree fern, i have heard of this before, apparently when you prtect them over winter even though you have to pack the crown you also have to make sure the air can get to it, not let it sweat, not sure if it will recover though, sorry :o( B&Q dont seem to have a clue about plants, if you dont buy them when they first get them in they sure dont look after them.

5 Apr, 2011


Unfortunately tree ferns are not fully hardy in the coldest winters. You need to cover them carefully to allow air circulation and even then you can lose them. I lost two last year that have been quite happy for nearly seven years. It is not necessarily B&Qs fault. If the plant had leaves when you got it, it was probably ok although it may have been grown in a hothouse and not given a chance to acclimatise to colder weather. My advice is not to buy these plants if you live in the north of England but stick to hardy ferns that can withstand the cold.

8 Sep, 2011


Thank you for your advice. I was about to buy an expensive plant from B&Q when I saw your post.

I am sad to learn about your bad experience and very glad you've shared it with us, so we can avoid this kind of hassle not buying from them...

16 Dec, 2013

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