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Growing A Lemon Tree/Plant


Ok, so I have a strange girlfriend who likes to eat raw lemon, peel and all.
After she’d finished devouring one last night I noticed the seeds left over. I peeled off the outer casing, gave them a quick rinse, put them in a folded up damp paper towel and into an air tight bag in a warm room.
I’m hoping they germinate, but I haven’t got a clue if they will or not. What does everyone think???

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if they get going i would like to know cos thats a great idea ~ i would love a lemon tree.
some seeds are better if you put them in the fridge.???
i fancy a bonsai lemon tree??

22 Feb, 2011


Your girlfriend is not that strange at all. I have been eating
"raw lemon, peel and all" all my life and I know many who do.
With regard to your seeds I am afraid they will not grow to a real lemon tree. If they ever grow to a reasonable size, you will need to craft them with a real lemon tree. Sorry to disappoint you, but do try.

22 Feb, 2011


I also used to eat a raw lemon, although I didn't eat the peel. But I haven't had one for years now and don't know if I could still do it.

My Gran used to push pips from all sorts of fruit into pots containing house plants. Most of them grew I think. She had all sorts of things. I don't know if she had a lemon, but she had oranges, tangerines, grapes, apples pares and a pomegranet :o)

22 Feb, 2011


Ah that brings me hope :) I'm not that fussed about getting fruit, just growing it into a decent sized plant would be good.
I'll keep you updated on what happens stickitoffee.

22 Feb, 2011


Surely it'll take AGES to get a tree out of a pip?
It's taken almost a year for my fruit to mature on an already established tree.
Hope you're patient!!!

23 Feb, 2011


Never give up hope Jack. Stranger things have happened! And if they do grow but don't produce fruit you'll have to have a go at Cos's suggestion and try grafting with a 'proper' lemon tree.

23 Feb, 2011


Like I said, I'm not fussed about fruit bearing, its just something to do.
And alas! One of them has a tiny root tip sticking out already :) sorted!
If it gets old and strong enough, then I may have a go at this grafting malarky.

23 Feb, 2011


thanks jack

and if you get any malarky plants growing i would like to see the photos please!!

23 Feb, 2011

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