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Hope everyone is havin a lovely Christmas

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yes I am thank you. OH bought me some new garden tools :o)

26 Dec, 2013


Yesterday was good but today would have been better without a disturbed gut - and no, before you ask, it wasn't too much to eat or drink! We have a Kenyan couple staying with us for a few days so life is very interesting! they are cooking an African meal for this evening and i just hope i feel able to east some!!

26 Dec, 2013


Hope you feel better Stera.

Sea did better than me. I got a pillow. I think it was a death threat incase I spend too much money on plants this year. I may not make it to January at this rate, as Crocus have a sale...and you know what that means for the plastic! ;)

26 Dec, 2013


Hi Jackie ..
Lovely to hear from you ... Happy Holidays :o)

27 Dec, 2013


Had a nice time thank you ... and I hope you did too :o)

27 Dec, 2013


Same here,thank you..but as usual we both had started with the traditional sniffles..why does it always seem to happen at Christmas ! grrr...but on the good side,I got some 'cloggies' to try and persuade me not to go out in my slippers..( subtle or not? . ) plus new slippers:o) Gardening and holiday vouchers..well pleased with them all....and still did better than me one birthday..Kitchen Scissors???..not a lot of appreciation shown that year..a long time ago now,and things could only get better .Lol

28 Dec, 2013

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