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Windy Disaster


By irene24


We have had very strong gales in this part of the country today and my greenhouse tried to take flying lessons
It lost 8 glasing pannels and 6 of my seed trays that were ready to prick out went on the floor im just so mad that its happened ,what with the zinnias dying of frost im not going to have many bedding plants ,unless i go and buy some which I cant afford to as i,m going to have to buy polycarb.. sheets for the greenhouse ,well at least not all the glasing came out which is one good thing lol

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oh that's such a shame!!! Can you not rescue any of the seedlings that went on the floor? Maybe you could salvage some of them...

14 Apr, 2013


How awful,Irene,so sorry to hear that..It has been the same here too..gale force,but my little growhouse which is secured to a fence,stood up to it,thank goodness..or else it would have been up ,up and away..It just makes you feel,why bother,doesn't it? I hope it isn't too expensive to replace your panels in your Greenhouse..

14 Apr, 2013


So sorry to hear about this. A little tip for the plastic ones that are apt to blow away, put a paving slab or two on the bottom shelf to weight it down. You can still put plants on them.

14 Apr, 2013


I tried that Cinders, and the base stayed there nice and firm, but the top flew off and away! End of wallhouse.
Lots of sympathy to you Irene - hope you can rescue some of your seedlings.

14 Apr, 2013


Oh dear Stera, at least the pots probably stayed put didnt they ? I hope. Well mine have been ok so far.......

14 Apr, 2013


Had a distressed call from daughter earlier today to say that her small plastic greenhouse had suffered the same fate and the sweetpeas and sunflowers planted by no 3 granddaughter Ellie (aka ellsbells) had been scattered far & wide . As luck would have it I have both growing and I can sneak them into her pots so that we don't have to explain sods law to a two year old

14 Apr, 2013


Oh dear thats such a shame, I'm not surprised if your wind was as strong as ours, my g'houses are ok but the guttering on the side of the house has come adrift and the fencing on the dog run is now in dire straits, the wind has dropped a fair bit tonight, my raised bed looks as though its autumn with all the twigs and leaves...

14 Apr, 2013


How rotten Irene. Isn't the weather strange? I have only planted seeds yesterday as it has been so cold here. It is windy here but not as bad as with you. Hope it is better tonight.

14 Apr, 2013


What a shame. Here's me having a moan about the wind ruining my Crocus!! I hope you can get something sorted!

14 Apr, 2013


I would rather have rain than these strong winds, finally we are warming up and this happens! Being a gardener is so frustrating sometimes..
Sorry to see your Ghouse in this state irene, i haven't started any seeds off yet, maybe i wont bother as last years were a total disaster with the wet weather but i have had this happen to me by visiting cats in the greenhouse jumping up onto the shelving, I salvaged quite a lot of them, dont give up youll'e get there.

15 Apr, 2013


What an awful shame, we don't seem to be getting ' normal' weather at all these days

I haven't much in my gh at all, the last few years have been really disappointing, growing lots of seeda and plugs tnast got tattered and battered as soon as I put them out in tne garden

The only survivors were ftench marigolds so I,ve sown some trasys of those and am goi g to try more perennials.....
Sad because I used to love the bizzies and petunias in the big tubs

15 Apr, 2013


Oh dear that is a shame. It was very windy here too but we are sheltered by the wood. It was very loud and the trees were bending, but we have no damage thank goodness. Hope you are soon able to repair all the damage.

15 Apr, 2013


It just took out one pane in our g/house. Thankfully T saw it and replaced it before the wind did any more damage. We lost the complete front of it a couple of years ago. Nightmare!!! The bubble wrap was flying up in the air like a kite......

22 Apr, 2013

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