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Out of hibernation!


That would appear to be me, rather than the plants! I can’t believe that it was July last year that I last wrote a blog – what have I been doing? Where have those months gone (the eternal question for those of us of a certain age) but I really don’t understand why I haven’t been on here, except to read.
My Son and girlfriend split up, so he has moved back into the house for the winter, or perhaps for good! My Grandson has taken all this in his stride, he’s coming up to five, children are so resilient and he now says “my old house, my new house, Nannie’s house and other Nannie’s house” to explain where he or other things are. It’s sad when these things happen, but better than the constant bickering that was always going on over his head.
I have him every day after school while his Mum works, so he treats here as home as well, complete with all the attendant toys and books!
His Mum’s Dad died very unexpectedly at Christmas so we had him to stay over Christmas while the family was back and forth to hospital. Something else he found confusing as his Mum wasn’t about for days on end and horrendously heart-breaking for the family.
Back to gardening and livestock. I hatched some young Guinea Fowl to augment the remaining two we have left and when big enough put them in a run on the meadow to get used to the others and chickens etc. One morning I went to feed and found the cage empty – they had been eaten by the Stoat family we have about here. They are the only things that could have got into the cage and I did find a few ‘remains’ later, about the field. I felt so guilty having put them like take-away food for the Stoats, but honestly thought that they were big enough and had a hut to sit on top of away from harm.
The garden is still in it’s ‘not quite tidy’ state and hasn’t had all the dried stalks removed yet, must get out today and cut back Buddleija and do something about the roses that have collapsed. These were grown up the old Fir tree stumps which I thought would last for more years than they have, but are obviously shallower rooted and the high winds took some of them down, so will have to cut the roses off and remove the stumps before deciding what to do next.

There is some colour in the garden from the small Tete-e-Tete daffodils that I bought at 20p a pot last year as they were going over. Some of the big daffs are out, some in bud and some only just showing through the ground. Hopefully there will be more to come as I HATE planting bulbs but bought at least two 25 Kg sacks last year and put in. The amount that are showing at the moment is sad and I just hope that they haven’t been food for the huge amount of field mice that live in the lawn (that’s a relative term, more rough grass with holes) and I know they feed on the Pyracantha berries of the hedge. I don’t mind feeding things, but would prefer my bulbs left alone!
Some that made it.

Other things haven’t been quite so lucky!
A couple of Bellis that got planted to add some colour have been eaten, possibly by Peacocks as they like them and the Primula’s which didn’t even make it to the garden before they got trimmed.

The next photo is of a lilac double primula (don’t know the name) which I have had for years, split loads of times and now have heaps of in the garden. It gets ‘trimmed’ a bit but is holding it’s own, complete with sowthistle weeds!

The heathers share their bed with some Tete-e-Tete mini daffodils and later the Grape Hyacinths which spread miraculously everywhere.

The bed at the end of the house had more of the bulbs dumped in it last year ‘temporarily’ and has the addition of some really sad wallflowers that I felt sorry for (cheap) that haven’t been topped so are straggly. They lasted an hour before being eaten and pulled up by the Peacocks, they LOVE wallflowers, so why I think I can get away with them every year – who knows?
Out came the netting and now they only get the leaves that are within beak reach of the netting!

The snowdrops are doing really well and I have some huge clumps which need splitting before they disappear back underground and I forget where they are.

Bargains include some Goldcrest conifers which are 3-5 ft tall and cost £1 each. I thought I might have a go at some fancy trimming of them as they were so cheap – then OH said he didn’t like them trimmed to shapes, but it’s my garden! The pot includes some more ‘trimmed’ primulas, gardening with help from the peacocks! Excuse the mess of the derelict greenhouse!

Daughters Birthday present (19th so they will soon go) of loads of different varieties of garlic which she loves, all reduced by 70% and looking OK. Better her than me planting them all.

Last bargain, well I thought so, were a couple of plastic half barrels (big) at £4.99p each from Poundstretcher. They will be planted up later, probably with a selection for the peacocks, not intentionally, but we will see. for the moment they haven’t been drilled as I need some big tubs to collect some goldfish and these will support the poly bags hopefully.

Now if you have persevered this far, thank you, and I must go out to do something in the garden while the sun is shining! Forecast was rain, sleet and cold winds, but though cold it’s lovely here in Norfolk! Any spelling mistakes are all mine but hopefully you get the idea.

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Hello again HHgold I wont like as start and middle of your blog was very sad .

But then again as you started to share you garden again it was lovely to here abought your garden again but sad re the stoat again.

Good to here from you again.

4 Mar, 2016


Hi H, good to hear from you again. Lots of sympathy about your poor eaten plants and the disappointment about the non appearing bulbs. But then you do have the beautiful peacocks to look at and it will soon be display time if i remember correctly! It sounds as though there has been a general upheaval and sadness in the family - its good to hear that your grandson seems to be coping well, as the effect on little ones can be such a worry.
I hope everything turns out well in the end.

4 Mar, 2016


Thank you so much Scotkat and Steragram for ploughing your way through to the end - little and more often should be my motto really, in writing as well as gardening.
As mentioned in the blog I did get out and do some gardening, nothing interesting like planting, but cutting down the fallen roses! So little and often applies to that as well as my back now knows that a winter of doing little doesn't help.
As you say Scotkat it's sad about the stoat and especially when I spent at least an hour one day watching the young ones playing on the wood pile on the meadow. So it's not as if I didn't know they were there, just underestimated their ability to get into places. They are so adorable to watch but lethal as a predator - but everything has to live after all, just not on my G.F.
The peacocks are indeed starting to display as you say Steragram, we have no females so it's the chickens that get the full attention and display - not with much respect or appreciation from them sadly. What with the foxes about here it a bit dicey to think about having a peahen and with four boys, would we need four or does the oldest peacock get the girl if we had one?

4 Mar, 2016


Don't know about the oldest one. Might be the strongest or the one with the best tail??

5 Mar, 2016


Hello Honeysuckle - yes life can throw some punches - but a little gardening helps when one needs to lose oneself away from all the problems - but nature can be very cruel - the sparrow hawk has been by here and taken a blackbird which is so sad - I wish he would be satisfied with sunflower hearts and sultanas like all the other birds - my plants get trimmed back by birds especially the primulas - I have bought a lovely pale yellow double one - I am keeping that one under cover on the utility windowsill - where it is cool and protected - are you going to post a pic of your peacock I hope so - enjoy your day - Jane

5 Mar, 2016


Hello again Honey, it seems you 've had a lot going on with the care of your grandson during all the upheaval in his life, very sad when couples breakup but you can only do what you have been doing and that is to give them support, children do bounce back and as you say its not good for them to have the bickering going on around them, xmas must have been hard for all concerned with the loss of his grandad, it seems your house is becoming home from home with him and I know from experience what that is like and the joy you will get from those hours spent with him.
Sorry to hear about the stoats I like you would love to see them playing, obviously nothing like that around here, I know its natural for them to seek out food but not nice for you when you went to feed the G.Fowl, are the rest of your livestock safe?
Its grand to wander and see the spring flowers and the blossom appearing, as to actual gardening I think most of us still have the untidy look about them but we will all get there eventually, at the moment its a case of doing a bit on the days when its not wet and one can get onto the beds and borders to do our trimming and pruning without sinking in and cause damage or getting ourselves in a muddy state, I have only sown ornamental grass seeds as yet but know I am getting a new propagator tomorrow so my toms will go in soon.
I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photo's Honey and its good to see you back, I too would love to see the peacocks, lol.....

5 Mar, 2016


You're probably right Steragram about the one with the most impressive tail getting the girl. Peter, who is the oldest and Father of the other three is still in charge at the moment but there is one which tries to muscle in on the first shout of the cake which doled out at dusk - snack before bedtime. It used to be just the peacocks who got cake (home-made light fruit cake) at bedtime, but OH has now stretched it to the two Guinea Fowl who start cackling around the house as soon as it gets dusk, if they get no response from one door, they proceed to the living room window and then to the front door, if still no response it's back again until you go out. He has also started giving the four Call ducks cake as he shuts them in. Yesterday I only had bread (for Boris) and one duck kept picking it up and throwing it down again in disgust - fussy little beasts!
I agree with you Jane, a bit of gardening makes you forget most troubles, as well as the time, you can lose yourself quite happily just pulling up some weeds! We too have a visiting Sparrowhawk, usually the female, but ocassionally the male who scatters all the little birds into hiding. They usually prey on the wood pigeons and as we have so many of those I would rather they thinned those out than got the little Tits and Chaffinches.
Thanks Lincslass for your condolences, Grandson is bouncing along nicely but now he is at school is picking up all sorts of mannerisms you would rather he didn't - don't they all!
The stoats have I think decamped into the heap of spoil/brick/clay that came from the extension and is dumped at the top of the field. It has shrubs, bulbs and sundry plants growing on it but with the rubble underneath probably makes a wonderful home for small animals. If they stay up there and thin out the rabbit population - they can stay. If they decide to raid the chicken run for eggs, I might not be so happy to see them. The GF roost up in the barn with the peacocks so are well out of reach.
Lovely day yesterday, today more rain and everything is soggy underfoot!

5 Mar, 2016


Welcome back ! :)

6 Mar, 2016


Thanks Hywel, I'll try to keep up with all the blogs and questions now. I do miss them it's always so interesting to see what problems other people have and the answers they get to them. Then there's all the lovely photo's for inspiration!
That's all it's going to be today, inspiration, more rain, tonight more frost, then more rain and wind - then.. they tell it is going to warm up!!!

7 Mar, 2016


Yes, roll on spring !

7 Mar, 2016

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