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Spring has sprung! Yeah!!


I can’t believe that it was November when I last wrote a blog (apart from the one about the owls). Here I am, not writing (but I do read) and when I do, all you lovely people take the time and bother to read it.
Where have the last few months disappeared to? Why haven’t I told all you poor captive audience people about my trials and tribulations? Who knows, as the saying goes, time goes quicker the older you get, and it’s true.
However, Spring/Summer has now arrived and the flowers are starting to brighten up the garden, bees in evidence and three Queen wasps evicted from the house in the last two weeks – where have they been for the Winter?
The daffodils purchased really cheaply and planted really late have actually flowered, I didn’t expect them to do much this year, but was expecting a riot of colour next year. All the little Tete-a-Tete daffs were bought when the garden centre reduced them and were mostly put in pots as it was freezing at the time, much too cold (for me) to put them in the garden! The ones in the beds against the house were lumped in by standing them on the ground where the new extension was built and filling the frame with soil over the top, simple but it worked.

One of the nurseries sells daffs in 20-25Kg sacks and reduced these to a ridiculous price – £10 and eventually £6 a sack. So of course I bought three! Of the three one was supposed to be Yellow Cheerfulness, one white Cheerfulness and one I can’t remember! Hundreds of bulbs in each sack and I hate planting bulbs. As you can see the yellow Cheerfulness – isn’t, but pretty anyway.

Daffs amongst the emerging hollyhock bed

Wonky photo of daffs along the front pyracantha hedge.

Close up of the supposedly Yellow Cheerfulness daffodils!

More of the cheap daffs.

Primula Wanda – bright and breezy! One of the plants I have always had and moved from house to house.

Flowering red currant – common as muck, but a bright start to the year. I also have a paler pink one.

Yellow flowering currant, not as good as the red one, but different!

Primula Denticulata and mini double daffodils.

Bed of lilac double primrose, bought as one pot a couple of years ago and split – loads of times – they are everywhere!

More Primula and Primula Wanda

One Primula Wanda and a double daisy which have managed to avoid the peacock dust bed in the garden and huge feet and beaks!

Fritillaria Meleagris – hopefully to spread.

Pretty pink forget-me-not.

Pretty, but large and blue with big feet and swooping tail, plodding about on the garden. He sits under the Viburnum bush on top of yet more daff. bulbs – what chance have they got?

More stately pose, in front of the (weathered) peacock sundial.

Being helpful following me about, just in case I stop taking photo’s and produce some cake to eat! Pretty against the red flowering currant though – don’t stop to think what he is treading on.

The peacocks are lovely, but quite destructive apart from sitting on things, scraping a nice hollow to dust bath in and trimming back the emerging shoots that is. This morning it was the tops out of the Phlox while I was talking to a neighbour!
For those of you who made it this far, thank you. Now it’s back to the ironing, then I can get out to the garden!

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Snoopdog - do they make a noise? Wow! yes they do! We have four boys and they yowl and honk for England! They hate noises, whether it is a big truck, tractor, motor-bike, plane or just you dropping the dustbin lid, it WILL provoke a yowling response. Also when the stray cat is about, they hate that too.

18 Apr, 2015


Lots of colour in your garden, Honeysuckle ... the pretty flowers and the amazing peacock ! :o)

19 Apr, 2015

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