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Update on the Little Owl box


Some of you may remember me mentioning the box built by my neighbour for the Little Owls which are about this area.
I supplied the wood and fittings, he did the hard bit and built two, one for him and one for me.

Also mentioned on the tail-end of one of my blogs was me stealthily climbing the ladder and peeping inside the box, when I thought Poppet the love-bird may have got himself stuck inside!
I have since had confirmation that the inhabitants of the box are indeed Jackdaws, as I saw the adult pop from the tunnel end yesterday.
Whether these are the pair that usually nest in our old chimney, or another pair that have taken up residence in the garden – who knows?
It’s an easy life for the Jackdaws here as they raid the peacock food dish, or failing that go down and eat the layer pellets that the chickens always leave till last.

Poppet has since turned up again, nipped through the window, helped himself to some food and nipped out again and away! It’s obviously much better outside now the weather is better, he travels up and down the road for at least half a mile in each direction and sleeps out somewhere.

Back to the owl boxes. My neighbour did the same thing as me, heard a noise and climbed the ladder to look. He found the tiny bumble-bees had taken over his box, so we both have a beautifully made Little Owl box occupied by something else!

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I hope some owls will make the boxes their home one day.
And I hope Poppet comes home too ... although I don't really like to think of birds closed up in cages. It doesn't seem natural somehow.

23 May, 2014


Thanks Hywel. Poppet is a little devil, he disappears for days, then appears, stuffs his face and disappears again! Bit like a teenager really.
He's been in today, turfed seed husks all over the floor, bullied Barney (the Parakeet, bit of a scaredy cat), had a drink and cleared off to the neighbours. I keep thinking we might see a cross love-bird/chaffinch one of these days, otherwise I can't think what keeps him out all the time - let me think, sunshine, freedom to fly, the sheer joy of being outside, I suppose I can understand after all.

23 May, 2014

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