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Garden insects on the weeds


While wandering outside to take a photo of Boris the goose and his girls, I also took some of the various bees and butterflies on the weeds on the field.
Most were on the Burdock which has made a huge clump near the chicken run gate. Must cut it down before the sticky burrs are on it!

The huge clumps of Burdock

Bees enjoying the flowers of the Burdock

Butterfly and bee on one of the selfseeded hollyhocks

Odd bit of Ragwort finding favour

A close look will show a blue dragon or damsel fly, never get them sorted!

This time a green one on Dock seeds, look pretty enough for a flower, the huge patch is a rusty colour – how many millions of seed?

Butterflies on the thistles

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very lovely to see all those differant ones :) nice snoopdog knows what they are too :)

from jane.

2 Aug, 2013


They loe the have some lovely wildlife.Not so many butterflies, Hoverflies , Ladybirds etc in evidence down here in Essex this year!

2 Aug, 2013


Same down in Wales haven't seen any painted ladies or red admirals which are usually in abundance's only cabbage whites so weeds do have a purpose in life :-)

2 Aug, 2013


if it s the insect in the second from last photo its a dragonfly. they perch with wings in the 'crucifix' position. damsels put their wings along their back in line with their body.
The bright blue one on the previous photo is the damsel fly.

3 Aug, 2013


I love this blog. I too have a burdock that seems to have decided to take over! it's at the door to my greenhouse and like yours it won't be long until it will snag anyone who comes close. The root is medicinal....I also have herb robert going about his merry way, and more wildthings than I have cultured ones...but I'm stubborn and will not call them weeds. Have a pic of a damsel fly which I took last has black wings and looks like it's bright green chrome plated! gorgeous thing. And also many, many types of dragonflies who feast upon the mosquitoes so they're very welcome, and butterflies who like the milkweed, etc. The geese and chooks must love the variety of insects that you have! I'd like to have chickens but the neighbours are complaining about losing their's to foxes and hawks...Nevertheless, still thinking it over. ;-)

12 Aug, 2013

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