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Blooming roses!


Having said on a previous blog that I wasn’t a great fan of roses but I did have quite a few, I thought it was time to show you what I meant.
When we moved in we had a row of tall conifers which were basically just poles with some greenery on the top, harbourers of pigeons and not much else.
These we had cut down to approx. 8 ft and left as stumps. They were then covered with chicken wire and planted with some Peter Beales climbers and ramblers with the intention of ‘swagging’ rope between them.
However they were really too close together to create the look so were wired across, leaving three archways to get to the area behind.
They are still growing, especially those closest to the darned leylandii hedge, but are getting there and are now coming out in flower.
Most are not repeat flowering types but were picked for their open flowers for the bees, or the hips that they have after flowering. Many roses, though lovely, just don’t have any use for the bees as they can’t get into them!
A few more roses were here when we came, the last two pictures show those on the wall of the house – unnamed, but reprieved for now. There are about another five or six dotted about the garden, including Rosa rugosa which of course is completely in the wrong place, taking over the flower bed and will have to be moved.
There are eight on the pillars in total – three having already lost the labels!

Alberic Barbier, rambler

American Pillar, rambler

Minniehaha, rambler (no picture, not in flower yet)

Wedding Day, rambler

Pink open rose – lost the label already

Alister Stella Gray, climber

One rose minus the label, not in flower yet, followed by another white/cream open flower rose again minus label.

Two existing climbers against the bungalow.

Views of the row of pillars close to the front boundary. The photo’s don’t show them very well, not giving the depth to the perspective.

So you see I might not like HT roses, but still have quite a few of the others!

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I'm not keen on hybrid tea roses, but love shrub roses!

I think you've made excellent use of those tall conifer stumps, these roses are all gorgeous, and well done for planting with the bees in mind, they need all they help they can get!

4 Jul, 2013


Thanks Louisa, we always think of the bees - hence the amount of 'weeds' we have about here, like the selfheal, teasels (for the birds too), thistles, burdock, wild elder, hawthorn hedges and when all the foxgloves set seed I sprinkle them at the top end of the field.
Just cutting down a flowering cherry which has shot up to a thin tree due to being shaded by the leylandii.
Loads of the red-tailed bumblebees nesting in the grass of the 'lawn', so having to watch where I put the cuttings and wood.

4 Jul, 2013


I really like Wedding Day.....will look it up.

4 Jul, 2013


Great idea using the old tree trunks, they look specatacular. I hope your Rugosa moves successfully, the hips are great in the autumn aren;t they.

4 Jul, 2013


For Linda, the Wedding Day rose is absolutely smothered with flowers. They all came from Peter Beales Roses who we are fairly close to so were collected at the end of the season and before they were trimmed, so they had a good length on them when they were planted.
Websiste here -
Thanks Steragram, the pictures don't do them justice, shame about the swags, but I have the heavy rope to do it somewhere else!

4 Jul, 2013


I love what you've created. I'm going to keep this in mind. I have a hedge that I suspect is dying. It night be a good idea to try something like this rather than remove it all.

4 Jul, 2013


Your roses are lovely. I also prefer the climbing and rambling ones.

5 Jul, 2013

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