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Buddleja Globosa


By hijuju


Now i know i spoke about this before.But now im confused.
Today i bought the Gardeners World magazine , (normally i wouldnt buy it because of the price but i had a £1 off voucher)
In there it says , to give Buddlejas and other vigourous summer shrubs their annual prune now.
Now either i am going scatty or the cold outside has gone to my head but im sure i read somewhere that we dont prune Buddleja just yet , it needed pruning in late march.
But this job is down in the magazine for doing it now.
Its says “be brave and cut buddleja severely to keep them compact”.
Talk about being frustrated

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You ar not going mad,you do not prune now. All the Buddelia are pruned in
March, except B. globasa which should be pruned after flowering!!!

8 Feb, 2010


"Find the Buddleia underneath the deep snow and then give it a short hair cut....?
I don't think so...Lol.

8 Feb, 2010


B. globosa is done after flowering and then only if it needs it. so that is a late summer job. so you are not going mad hijuju.

8 Feb, 2010


Usually the 'Gardeners World' magazines are published and offered for sale almost a month in advance, so although it's now February the March issue will probably be on sale now. So that may account for the advice on pruning Buddleia.
When you purchased you magazine today your might wish to check that it's the March issue that you have obtained.
If this is so, then the advice and information in the magazine is correct.

8 Feb, 2010


That is what I thought too,it will probably be the march issue.I can see why it could be a bit misleading.Put your pruners away for now,you will freeze out there :o))

8 Feb, 2010


No it was the February issue i bought today out of Tesco's

8 Feb, 2010


I assuming that Buddelia davidii are treated differently then...? as I have just pruned my 3 this last weekend and have done the same pruning for the last 3 years to no ill effects?

8 Feb, 2010


I have this Globosa, I was advised not to hard cut back this one only lightly and straight after flowering, so this is what did, I have also cut it back just before flowering and it flowered.

8 Feb, 2010

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