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By hijuju


If you have the purple gardening club "club"card you can get your seeds for next year for 50p at the above garden centre

Ive gone abit mad again ooooooooooooppppppppppppsssssss.But who cares
Especially when the seeds are worth £1-99 + each lol

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Where do you get the card Hij ?? We have a Wyevale not so far away.

5 Sep, 2010


they should have the forms in the store ask a member of staff

5 Sep, 2010


When you're at the cash desk they offer you the card.

It's a great scheme, basically, the more you spend the more you get back.

My money off vouchers came through the post last week too.
There were free violas and free breakfast and snack offers too .... the food offers i rarely use but the rest i do :-)

5 Sep, 2010


i had £2 worth od vouchers and a voucher for the free viola , i bought a few plants that were reduced that little lot came to over £20 so i saved on my viola which was £4-99.
But you must spend £10 before you get your viola free.
i ended up paying just under £10

5 Sep, 2010


Don't forget you can spend anywhere in the store Hijuju, could you have made it up elsewhere .... could have bought a packet of mints maybe ;-)
Did you know aswell that you can use your Clubcard in their restaurants ..... i didn't until fairly recently !

5 Sep, 2010


Re-Seeds @ 50p. I recently got my purple card, but if I undrestand it right you have to have vouchers that come through the post to buy the seeds a 50p - is that correct?

5 Sep, 2010


Yes, Kf.
Each month they send out vouchers to the value of your 'rebate'.
Every time you spend in there you hand over your card before you pay, they swipe it, and then the amount you spend equates how much you get back - the more you spend the more rebate/vouchers you get back.
I had £14 'rebate' plus the free viola, plus the free meals in the restaurant/cafe section.
I didn't have the free seeds offer, i think our area's offer was the free viola - so perhaps it's dfifferent from region to region.
But yes .... the monthly vouchers show you exactly what 'you' have got to claim/spend.

6 Sep, 2010


no in my store they asked me had i a gardening club card and i produced it then i got my seeds for 50p Kfunsters.
Because we asked a store member iof staff and she said providing you have the purple card you can buy them at that price.
You will get your vouchers about every 3 months

6 Sep, 2010


I shall give it a try, oh well yet another trip to Bridgmere/wyvale shame lol.

6 Sep, 2010


I had the two free geraniums earlier in the year ( hubby has a card too) and as I was buying compost etc. used both cards-- the plants were-- and still are excellent--- I went last week just for a wander round and bought a canna lily-- still in flower for £1 instead of 9.99 as they'll be going dormant soon , last year it was a lacecap hydrangea I rescued for £1 that rewarded me this year with a dozen blooms

6 Sep, 2010


It's worth a visit then. I don't go there, as I think they're quite expensive. Went to the range yesterday and bought a Lavendula Hidcote reduced to 49p, a miniature Bush Rose (Blue Peter) reduced to 49p, and a Chilli Plant reduced to 99p. When I looked in the greenhouse this morning, my Rose had a bloom on it, so I'm wee impressed. :o))

6 Sep, 2010


I've just bought 10 packets of seeds--2 peppers,2 toms, basil & 5 flower seeds
the summer salad peppers are 3.29 ---I only paid £5 for the whole lot-- well over £20's worth and a couple of half price thing for the bbq and I got my free viola-- using my vouchers I actually used about£7 cash!---- wow!

7 Sep, 2010


It is well worth a look around then. We have one near to where we live so maybe pop there tomorrow and see what they've got. Funny thing is, I go there fairly regularly, as we have a tropical fish tank, and they sell the plants for the tank, but I never look around, as usually I haven't got time. :o))

8 Sep, 2010

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