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By hijuju


As you may or may not know i was supposed to be opening my garden on the 20th June , i even cancelled every thing else , just so i could be free that day.

I had to find out from somebody else , (who is NOT one of the organisers )that i am not opening it.
Boy am i mad. The amount of money i have spent on seeds and plants for the garden, and then to be told you are not on the list.
I rang up the organiser and how handy she was not in and i left a message with her old man.She decided to ring back several times today and i was not in the right mood to speak to her.
By the time i had calmed down she rang up while my hubby was here.and boy did she get an earful.She denied all knowledge of the conversation i had with her on the doorstep.
Best of it is she dont know sweet b****r all about gardening.So i emailed the person in charge and complained to her, and ive also sent her some of my upto date pictures which i have downloaded on here.
I told her straight now you know what the public are missing out on.
Coo dont i feel better now ive had my rant, but only trouble is ive lost me voice.

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What a shame. I love youre roses.

16 Jun, 2010


Were you opeining it under the National Garden Scheme, Hijuju ?

16 Jun, 2010


What a shame after all your hard work! I looked at your pics and your roses are lovely.

16 Jun, 2010


what a let down,its not fair that they could not even say sorry to you for all the work you put into it, and cancelling all other things you could have enjoyed.

16 Jun, 2010


That's a real shame! Was it a group of gardens opening for charity?

No wonder you're annoyed! Anybody would be. :-(((

16 Jun, 2010


That's very disappointing for you :o( Maybe you can look forward to next year. It seems a long time but will come around quicker than you think .

16 Jun, 2010


No it was not Louise.
But the person who organises acts as if she was from it.
Ive damaged me voice after having a row with her on the phone and she denies all knowledge about whether i would speak to her other organisers.

Spritz it was for our 2 local churches and Farleigh Hospice.
We have had such great revues before about how good the garden looked and that was over 6 years ago and we have done a lot of changes as well in the last 6 years

Ive had quite a few friends back me up its unbelievable.I rang one friend up cos i knew she was having hers open and she said that the idiotic woman in question put in the guide book nice open large garden with vegetable and flower borders and a pond with "friendly" fish. I laughed and said you should put a sign up saying "beware Piranha fish"

17 Jun, 2010

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