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Colorado - Cactus


When we lived in Colorado it was in the San Luis Valley, which was a high alpine desert. Some of the most interesting plants were the cactus…

In our back yard…

Prickly Pear – Opuntia phaeacantha polycantha

Claret Cup – Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Beavertail Cactus – Opuntia basilaris

Mountain Cactus – Pediocactus simpsonii

We took a trip down into Arizona while we were there and saw some other cactus there….

Saguaro – Carnegiea gigantea

Barrel Cactus – Echinocactus grusonii

Opuntia ficus-indica – Indian fig

Just to give you a perspective on size of the Indian fig…

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The cacti are wonderful. I would love to see them growing in their native habitat.

13 Jan, 2010


Hywel...maybe you should think twice about that....let me tell you a story about it

Our youngest daughter came out to be with us there....she was told her patent leather boots with the smooth soles were not the right gear for the conditions, but she would not listen...Her Dad also told her that if it is gray, brown or has prickles of some kind so be careful!

Needless to say she did not listen....she was walking over our 5 acres, not watching where she put her feet and stepped on a large, dense patch of prickly pear....her immediate reaction was to sit down and take off her boot because the thorns had gone clean through her boot was the wrong move...she sat on another patch of the cactus...she was having the spines removed for a week form her foot and her bum for a week!

But I would bet you could handle it! Just thinking about where you are and what you are doing is enough! lol

13 Jan, 2010


Sounds painful :o) But I think I would come well equipped for the conditions. And using a bit of sense is not a bad idea either lol

13 Jan, 2010


I can't say I never got bit...but once or twice and you go to great extremes to avoid the pain! lol

We had such dense prickly pear we had to remove it by hand for where our house had to go! in 104 degree F weather that is a killer.......I had to cordon off areas where no one was allowed to touch my cactus! I didn't want it all gone, and I wanted to make jelly from the fruit.


13 Jan, 2010


How could this be removed by hand ? They must have worn thick gloves and other protection. I have opuntias and one of them has very irritating glochids. I am very careful with it.

13 Jan, 2010


Loved all your Pics HealerW thanx 4 sharing :)

13 Jan, 2010


Wonderful photos - thanks! It's great to see plants in their native habitat. :-))

13 Jan, 2010


Hywel...we had a special heavy duty rake made for the purpose of removing had to be done or we couldn't have crawled under the trailer for the plumbing or to level the trailer.....neighbors used little bull dozer type things, but they destroyed everything!

YW Jacque and Spritzhenry

13 Jan, 2010


It sounds like a lot of work but I'm glad you sorted it out. I hope you were able to keep a little bit

13 Jan, 2010


Wonderful photos, the colours are so vibrant thanks loved looking at plants from other countries.

13 Jan, 2010


Hywel...I made sure that we kept certain areas totally undisturbed! I love the natural plants kept in the area!

Thanks Dotty :o))

14 Jan, 2010


That's good then

14 Jan, 2010


I always find it interesting to see plants growing in their natural habitats. To see these Cacti growing in their natural surrounding is so lovely!

The Indian Fig - in perspective - was a surprise as I had no idea they grew so big!

27 Jan, 2010


I was shocked to find them i have tons of pics with things to show perspective!

28 Jan, 2010


It's good to see them in perspective otherwise you have no true idea of their real dimensions.

31 Jan, 2010

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