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what a day...


i started of with the goal to do the front garden (which i have done some of) but now have to wait for delivery of plants which wont be till april. so i started to have a look at the back garden. yesterday i weeded the vegetable plot ready to start growing some more this year. Then as i was feeling full of energy i decided to dig a flower bed along by the bottom fence behind veg plot to add bit of colour later this year. that wore me out!
Today i have tackled what i have been putting off for years. getting rid o all the dandelions down on lawn along edge of garden. there was no grass just dandelions. i started at half eleven this morning thinking it cant take too long,well its now half four!!!, boy was i wrong. after 15 bucket fulls being removed i decided to have a rest. i still have about a quater of it to do. i didnt realise that it was so hard. this is my punishment for not looking afterit properly in the first place.
for now i am taking a rest my back is killing and i’m all worn out. plus i have a headache due to my springer spaniel ‘biggles’ constantly barking as he wanted something thrown for him. he doesnt seem to tire. i’ll tackle it again of friday when i have my next day of work. then hopefully i can returf. the hard work will be worth it for the end result iswhat i keep telling myself

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i'll add some pics of it so far when i find my camera

15 Mar, 2011


Hi Hchristy - welcome to GOY! You sound really adventurous - what a great goal. It would be good to know what the aspect is, what type of soil you have and when the all important competition is. I would say Penstemons for a combination of a wow plant with a decent bit of slug protection. A lot of the Fuchias are pretty wow though they are a little tender when it gets very cold. Anne Folkard geranium is an easy wow as are perennial sweet peas. Clematis is great if you have a bit of chalk in your soil and Rhododendrons are a must if you don't. Forsythia is a fantastic starter plant - dead easy and bright bright bright.

15 Mar, 2011


Welcome to GoY
Good luck in the competition. I hope you win first prize :o)

16 Mar, 2011


What about growing anything that can be divided, iris's, geraniums. Knautia that self seeds, Nigellas also. Saxafragia (SP?) spreads and can plant up the excess growth in other areas.....

16 Mar, 2011


thanks for your responses much appreciated. im not sure what type of soil i have, i'll have to test it.
i have a few penstemons that i put in a couple of years ago. im going to look up all the plants you have all suggested and get back to you on my progress.
The date for the entrace to the competition for the spring display is may 13th or for small font garden 17th june. im hoping to have some gorgeous floweres on display for the spring display may be a tad adventurous there but who knows anythings possible.

16 Mar, 2011


i took a few pics on my mobile still cant find my camera. they seem to be on there side havent worked out how to turn them around. sorry. as you can probably see it needs a lot of work

16 Mar, 2011


How are things progressing in your garden? Getting ready for the competition will be keeping you busy...I hope you enjoy the process and wish you luck in your entry.

14 Apr, 2011

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