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Casualties at The Haven


Well, today we (because it was a big job), waded through all our lovely little collection of plants which had been over wintered out side. The only problem is they are no more lovely little plants but dead twigs, clumps and bumps!

Had they been a demised cat, they would have been buried with great ceremony, as it is they got stuck in the compost unceremoniously, with the occasional “tut” if it had promised to be a “nice” one. That doesn’t mean to say the Royal We weren’t upset – it was all the nurturing that saddened us. Some we had been growing for more than one season and now they are no more ;-(

Him indoors did a bit of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. Aw, thought I, he has a heart after all – but it was the clump of nettles he’d grabbed whilst picking up a pot! In true manly form, he came over all macho when he saw me looking at him. " Thought you were doing some kind of semaphore, the way you were waving your hands about" says I. The reply is unprintable, suffice to say he is now waging a one man war on nettles! He has been told to leave at least one clump for the wild life. Failure to do so will result in the plug being cut off the tele – no Blackpool FC on Sunday. He will comply, he will do anything I tell him to – until after Sunday and the match – then he’ll get his grumpy head back :D

Now, whilst you have been reading all this you haven’t once thought about my lawn have you? And the answer is ………….NO, (big grin) the grass has had a stay of execution…………. again.

Actually, I am thinking about having a pretend blog raffle – guess the day the lawn eventually gets mown – good idea or what? Tee hee.

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How about the twelth of never to cut your lawn?I leave a patch of stinging nettle for the butterflies.

27 Apr, 2010


LOL! I like that one. I could let it grow and make hay :D

27 Apr, 2010


Him indoors reminds me of one who shall remain nameless, very often referred to as grimnasty.. Mavis thats a very good

27 Apr, 2010

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