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A month or two ago Tulipa visited me with her chauffeur=PM, Pam for short.
She took us for a walk in the Wynberg Boys High School grounds, just 5 minutes walk up the road from me.
Pam had sneakily “forgotten” to bring any of Tulipa’s balls along, but that dodge didn’t work, for Tulipa soon sniffed out a ball in the bushes and brought it to her non-resident Minister of Sport (me).
I then of course was obliged to practically dislocate my shoulder throwing the ball for her.
Yesterday I paid her a return visit – see photos below.


Tulipa and Queen Mab

Cosmos in their garden



A butterfly welcomes me home again

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Tulipa has a lovely name :o) She looks full of fun and very friendly.

15 Mar, 2010


I agree Hywel, she's gorgeous !!!

15 Mar, 2010


She's lovely..

15 Mar, 2010


Tulipa looks small & cuddly.....I see she is getting a nice cuddle from
Queen Mab a lovely photo.The Cosmos & Foxglove are lovely.
What a lovely welcome home Gb........A beautiful Butterfly.

15 Mar, 2010


lovely pics Gb, and lovely doggys

15 Mar, 2010


Nice pics Gb, how does Jessie like Tulipa?

16 Mar, 2010


To answer Skillen's leading question first, Jessie and Tulipa have not met, and are unlikely to do so as far as I can see.
Fp, Tulipa IS small - the smallest JR I have seen apart from real miniatures - but she seems to think she is a match for any huge dogs, and is very aggressive towards them. Luckily none of them take her seriously, and she is a universal favourite among strangers encountered on walks. She is unbelievably cute. And also the most indefatigable dynamo of energy I have ever seen, when it comes to pursuing gulls along the beach or running after tennis balls. For her size, her speed is incredible.
H, L, C, and San - your compliments are appreciated.

17 Mar, 2010


Tulipa is obviously the boss then, that photograph of her with Queen Mab is lovely...........

17 Mar, 2010


It is always the small dogs who are the most aggressive, she does look cute with it though.....

18 Mar, 2010


Lovely blog, Gurth! Thanks...:)

29 Mar, 2010


Thanks, Uma.
Skillen, I have to report further that a meeting has now occurred.
Unfortunately, it did not go too well. Tulipa is used to playing with her own black-and-white cat, but Jessie is not in a similar position and did not approve.
But no blood was shed luckily.

29 Mar, 2010


Lol Gb, Jessie is not to be messed with! :~))

29 Mar, 2010


No, the correct form is for Tulipa to stay in her car and not come in through the gate. (Jessie rules here). But security suffered a breach.

29 Mar, 2010


I think Tulipa will think twice next time Gurth!

31 Mar, 2010


Lol, Skillen - I have to hand it to Tulipa, she has got guts. I once saw her being viciously disciplined by a huge Alsatian, who pinned her between its paws and pretended to savage her, but she was not fazed.
Jessie has ordered a tightening-up of security and determined efforts will be made to prevent another breach.

1 Apr, 2010


Lol Gurth :~)).

4 Apr, 2010

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