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Early spring potatoes


I have a small allotment in Morecambe where it is mild and so have put early seed poatoes into grow bags outside to see if I can gather an early crop. I have had to buy poatoes recently and it goes against the grain. I would like feedback from others who may have done this. I would also like some help in growing carrots on a clay soil. Fellow allotmenteers say don’t bother.

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Danny who has got a plot near Ingleborough in North Yorkshire has put some interesting videos about his plot on YouTube this includes planting early potatoes I have just planted some rocket first earlies into 30l pots this week so lets see how we go with them

The link to the vids

7 Mar, 2014


Thanks for the comments from snoopdog and Danny. I will certainly get some round-type carrots seed and feed back on progress with my potatoes. Has anyone had agarden building blow away in all this wind. I have a flimsy metal shed I'm a bit worried about. Get a bit of land and you get responsibilites as well as pleasure. Such is life.

8 Mar, 2014


Make sure the seed Potatoes in the Growbags are in a frost protected place. I have seen whole crops cut down in late
May. Heart breaking. They recover but crop later on.

9 Mar, 2014


I have covered the potatoes in grow bags with mushroom compost, which I have had good results in the past with potatoes grown in the ground. They are also in a sheltered position. Does anyone else have experience with mushroom compost as a mulch? I had the biggest potatoes ever, one potato weighing over a pound.

15 Mar, 2014

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