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(gab=chat for those who dont know!)

Im new to gardening but already have been bitten by the bug!

I live with my kids on the east sussex coast-small seaside town.

Have grass to front of house but cant grow there and only patio/decking to back area…but its a very sunny area and is going to look just great come summer with all my pots/containers/baskets etc!!

At the mo all my seedlings/young plants are all either on kitchen widow sill or sunny conservatory and Im about to pot on some today.

Im growing – toms/courgettes/lettuce/peppers/chillis/cucumbers/carrots/basil/corriander/baby sweetcorn/broccoli/beets/spinach/aubergines..phew! lol..oh and strawberries-but they arnt doing so well.

How many/how much will do well/will be produced..well only time will tell i guess

Oh and one of my children is growing 2 sunflowers and alarmingly three pumpkin plants-which i didnt think would grow- (school project) but have and now are taking over the pots theyre in! -

Since researching them ive discovered they need huge amounts of space and earth…..i stupidly assumed i could grow them on in a huge plastic box and that they would stay small????
Any advice as to what to do with them would be good lol..

Soooo today i need to crack on with the re-potting….been out of action latley with a back probelm so im almost two weeks behind with what i need to do….fingers crossed all goes well…they all look healthy and im quite amazed at what ive grown so far lol.

I discovered this site quite by accident and its just great! really like the fact i can see who else is growing same as me and this blog looks fun too…

sooo HELLO (waves) to anyone reading this and look out for pics of my “garden” and my veggie progress reports in the weeks/months to come!

Byeee x

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Hello and welcome, I expect like all/most of us on hear that you will be on the computer MORE than you will be in the garden Lol !!!!!!! ha ha. However look forward to your progress.

9 May, 2010


i know!!! lol...
already have this morning..tut tut@me
deffo going now....plants screaming at me for bigger pots lol x

9 May, 2010


Trouble it's wet and cold out, well it is here, so stay in the warm !!!!!!!!!!

9 May, 2010


Welcome to Goy I have never, since I joined this site back in march, used a computer so much!!! Morning, noon and night. Its so addictive its ridculous!!
I to grow veg.I have been out of action myself for nearly 3 weeks with a trapped nerve in my shoulder that doesnt seem to be getting any better. so the garden is looking after itself!! As grandmage says its cold and wet so take heart!!

9 May, 2010


thanks for the warm welcomes :-)

Im on couple gardening sites but this so far is the easiest ive used!

its not rained much here Grandmage but is a little chilly.....and ive done the potting in the conservatory lol....

You have my sympathy Great....its a trapped nerve type thing in my back too....keep being told its sciatica and itl pass and shouldnt be too painful!!!

Spose i shouldnt moan too much as mine are only in pots to care for lol....mind you still a lot to get wrong if you dont pay attention lol.

Heres hoping the weathers better tomorrow for you land-growers :-)


9 May, 2010


Welcome Greengrowingmum (Love you're username!) Gardening in general is addictive and this site is 100% pure!

9 May, 2010


thanks ian lol...(did wonder if i was being a bit of a smarty-bum using it lol)

Im just loving this site lol....its way too easy to keep dipping in and out lol....and yeh deffo addictive lol

9 May, 2010


welcome from me too,it is very addictive,..I look forward to my "fix"every day,sometimes twice.If its once a day,it lasts all evening.Lol.You seem as though you have plenty of plants to keep you busy...

9 May, 2010


And another welcome for you :o)
I'll look forward to seeing your photos.

9 May, 2010


Welcome..happy gardening. x :)

10 May, 2010


morning everyone!

thanks for the welcomes-sugerbevs,hywel+bloomer :-)

its a grey old day here today and theyve forcasted its going to be/become very cold!..glad to stay indoors today lol....

got last of toms to pot on and some more seeds to put in my propergator-i never know how many to sow-too many and theyl end up like my toms plants-taking over the conservatory! or too few and the chance none will grow.hmmmm mehtinks i dither too much!

made two support canes for daughters sunflowers-only had small canes so ive had to stick some together to make do til i can get out to the garden centre..doesnt look very elegant but serves its purpose lol

Going to get son no 1 up (if hes not at college today lol) to drill some holes in my buckets for my carrots-dont like drills or id do it myself lol.

Then i need to scour the house and shed for something i can utilise for drip trays for the pots to sit brain must have been on holiday when i bought the pots cos didnt even consider the trays lol...dohh!

Just had brain wave lol....ive got two plastic baby baths in loft...theyd do until i can get some proper trays i guess....

Its funny when i first started thinking bout growing imagined my patio/decking would look all cottage garden-meets-meditaranian-courtyard stylee...
but at this rate its going to end up looking very much eccentiric-hipee-meets-make-do-plastic-utility area :-0
oh well im sure itl all come together in the end lol..

Still dont know what to do with the blessed pumpkin plants....need to get my thinking cap on and maybe have to admit defeat and find new homes for them lol...

Right need to get off here and get motivated!
Have good day everyone x

10 May, 2010


23.36 mon of daughters sunflowers got knocked over and snapped :-(
wonder if shel notice only one planted in her new lovelyy yellow pots in the morning

also some of tom plants didnt fare too well being potted on...obviously weaker ones i shouldnt have bothered with lol..

and... having major probs with my pots...darn things with their odd bottoms!!

my sons think im mad "gardening" this time of night lol...

nite x

10 May, 2010


11th may 2010

stayed up til gone 2 ...dont know where the time

would have done my potting earlier but had bit of a family crisis....
my eldest son was mugged at knife point on his way home from college!!

Had to deal with the police and stuff....thankfully hes ok but im not.. :-(

it really shook me up that it could happen middle of day and where we live...guess theres bad everywhere....

anyhoo it put me off planting hence why i didnt go bed til gone 2am lol..

My plants look very happy in their new pots.....just hope ive done it right lol...

Lost a sunflower...daughter wasnt too upset this am

some lettuce (kiddies planting set) that wasnt looking too healthy so will re plant some cut n come again type.

Ive got seed sowing to do today.....but think ive got too many seeds lol...trying to avoid the temptation to plant everything in sight!!....but maybe a couple of pots of each wouldnt be too bad :-)

Oh and gotta sort my carrot buckets out lol....

Ive found a new home for two of my pumpkin plants-daughters told me we have to keep one!! (no idea where thats going to go!!)
Also giving some of my tom plants away.....

Ive been reading up on pollination.....seems i may have to do this manually for the pumkins and courgettes to produce anything....dont see many insects in my "garden" ...didnt realise some veggies needed pollinating either..just thought they grew (feel so thick now)

whod've thought gardening could be sooo complicated lol...

Ok really need to get going, try to be more organised lol.

Hope everyones having as good day so far....very envious of you "land-growers"!!!


11 May, 2010


PS. we did warn you about being on the computer day and night !!!!!!!!!!!! Lol.

11 May, 2010


12th may 2010

hiya (waves at grandmage)

been out all morning and just got in....need a little fix on here b4 i go off to colect daughter from

was gorgeous earlier and sure veggies enjoyed sunbathing it looks like its going to rain here!...good for all you land-growers :-)

Still havnt got round to putting some pics on here...not sure bout it now tho....would feel silly if ive not potted veggies up right lol....or if they arnt as healthy looking as I think they i worry too much :-) ive potted on some veggies....started some more seeds couple more to do .....feel i should be doing something else???

12 May, 2010


had probs with net so havnt been able to get online.

its been very quiet on the veggies-in-pots front....

everything ticking along nicely..found new home for two pumpkin plants..well when theyve been pollinated lol

Toms going great guns! quite excited bout the prospect of little fruits growing soon...tho to be honest not sure when to expect them to burst into fruit?

courgettes will need pollinating too-i think?....but all i see on courgettes and pumpkins are male flowers which only liver a far no female flowers...

going to search for some more info online...maybe ive got the whole self-polinating thing wrong somewhere lol..

Id like to set my pots outside -sometime soon but am worried its too early..maybe to cold at night......again il have to maybe ask on here or search online for more info....dont want to kill them lol.

all other seedlings coming along nicely.....cant help but look at other things to grow ...must stop doing it run out of pots and space lol.

Im going to upload some pics tonight and put them on here...if i can find how to do it lol...

good gardening everyone!

25 May, 2010

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