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Early Winter in Mid Wales


Hello everyone, We have finally picked every apple and pear on the trees and have finally finished juicing. Cider is looking good and the freezer is filled with apple juice and apple, plums, raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries for pies for the winter.
Still have Carrots and French beans in the polytunnel plus 11 pumpkins………what I do with these is anybodies guess.. have tried pumpkin soup and was not impressed.. think husband may be adding to various soups and stews as a “filler”.

Have Sprouts and Broccoli still to pick plus plenty of Red Cabbage…. chickens prefer green cabbage… at least mine do… they are also a bit picky when I incorporate celeriac into the potato mash.

Sad news is that we lost a hen this weekend.. she was in moult when we got her at the end of Sept and also had Scaly leg mite for which we treated her along with worms and lice..but unfortunatley she sucumbed… at least I know that in her last few weeks she was able to enjoy the sunshine and freedom of the paddock and good food after her 60 weeks as a battery hen.
The other three hens are still producing three egg every two days – last week I had a double yolk which was really a treat for breakfast.

The Geese are being their usual stroppy selves !!! absolutley and wonderfully delightful. Their antic ’s are a pleasure to watch …………one of them Blodwen (they are Brecon Buffs) will insist of trying to have a bath in the washingup bowl that holds the drinking water despite the fact that they have a large paddling pool full of water.
As we have had so much rain in the last 10 days, they prefer the go and paddle in the muddy pools created in the yard. As we have been having some work done in the yard, they were penned into the field to which the sheep have access………hilarious….stand off at the OK coral…
sheep tried to get at the geeses corn – no way.. lots of wing flapping and squacking…and eye contact,,,sheep lost interest and wandered off !!
Weather forecast says, "cold , frost and possible snow next week – as we are 6 miles from the nearst shop have been for big winter shop this weekend. So come hail or shine.. we will survive in Mid wales

Look forward to hearing from all you gardener’s out there
how are you coping with the winter.. what do you do when you can;t get outside

Regards from Mid Wales Grandmamoy

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All those pumpkins,'ll have to make some pumpkin pie :) And there are muffins and loaves that make up a treat too. I'm cheating this year and making pumpkin pie from tinned pumpkin my daughter found for me in Waitrose. Other years I've cooked up pumpkin to use. You still have some nice veggies growing in your polytunnels...

I laughed when I read about your geese having a face-off with the all ended as I suspected....geese have a way of seeing everything off when they decide you're infringing on their rights! lol

I'm sorry that you have lost one of your chickens but as you say you were able to make her last days pleasant and treat her for the disease so she didn't suffer. My daughter has 3 chickens (lost one; originally had 4) but she's never had a double-yolker...that will have been a nice surprise!

Hope the snow stays away for you for a bit longer but at least you've done a good shop so you are prepared if the inevitable happens!

22 Nov, 2010


We try to keep an eye on future weather reports, but the best indicator we have is when we're shopping in town - if we see old farmers stocking up their little tractors with provisions we know we're in for some bad weather! Then we make sure we have the necessaries and just sit it out with our books, music, knitting and continuing struggle with the Spanish language!
Like us, sounds like you're fully prepared for any eventuality! At least we know we'll always have apple pies, preserved pears and Sprouts - if nothing else! :o))

22 Nov, 2010


I missed this blog Gm. lovely to hear the antics are still going on at the farm. Sorry you lost a chook, aaaahh but you gave her a wee bit of freedom in her last days, bless. The answer to your last question, what do you do when you cant get outside, my answer is, I stop inside, its warmer !!! Love to you. x

4 Jan, 2011

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