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Hen Party !


I am going to a ’ hen party ’ this weekend to learn all about keeping chickens, I am really looking forward to it as it is something I have always wanted to pursue. However we have foxes galore around our area so as you can imagine I have been reluctant to go ahead with this ’ hobby ’, but after Saturday maybe I might have new information and could proceed ! We shall see. I will let you know.

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Yes, please keep us updated on your progress - I would love to keep chucks but the Housing Association wont allow it.

15 Apr, 2010


I miss being able to have chickens.....great fun and lovely, truly fresh eggs. There are several GoY members who do keep chickens.

I used to take measures against foxes, as they will dig under as well as jump over, if your run/pen is open topped.It will be interesting to see what you are advised to do.

Welcome to to look at your photos now.

15 Apr, 2010


Get a fox proof run and house. And if you let the chooks out around the garden always put them away safely before dark. I've had fox-prints on top of their house!! That must be scary! Other people I know have had chickens snatched while they were in the garden too! The fun of chickens outweighs the risks and at least they have a happy life. Do get some, they all have different personalities. They 'talk' to you and follow you around the garden watching for tasty treats as you garden! Mine camp on the kitchen doorstep when I go indoors!

15 Apr, 2010


Have been away with my grandson, so just catching up, Thanks for you advise I will think long and hard. Mind you I have been thinking about it for years now, hey ho !

20 Apr, 2010

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