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I am a 57yrs old a keen gardener and new to this blogging, i’m still learning my way round my computer. I have been gardening for a few years and have
neglected my garden for 3yrs through work. I started up again last year 2009. Before that i used to change my garden design every 2 yrs. My front garden is 35ft x 20ft, side garden is 35ft x 40ft and my back garden 25ft x 60ft.

I am re-designing all of it at the moment and was hoping to be finished before the summer season started but i’ve had an operation on my shoulder a week ago and will not be able to do much gardening for at least 3months.

I am a skip rat and find loads of useful things in them to use in my garden. I’m also a keen DIY’er, make garden benches, wishing wells, bird boxes, pergolas, and wooden planters for my garden from old wood and pallates out of skips and from my workplace (I work on the building sites) All the paving stones for my garden paths and patio are all from demolished building sites and the council when they repaved the streets (saves me loads of money)


First time on growson you and blog enjoying looking at other members pics & reading comments, lots of realy good gardens. Getting loads of new ideas

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welcome to Goy grandad, its a friendly site so hope you enjoy being here

5 Feb, 2010


Interesting blog.... I wonder if you considered Skip Rat for your avatar name before your chose Grandad... probably better...:o)

I hope your shoulder is healed soon.
Glad you are enjoying reading the blogs of other members..

5 Feb, 2010


You don't look old enough to be a grandad!! sound like a very handy chap to have around......well when your shoulder is healed....Its a pity, I have a pile of pallets waiting to be made into raised beds and compost bins....and you are not too far away from me......however......I can't wait 3 months so will get hubby to do them!!.......Welcome to GoY.....enjoy :o)

5 Feb, 2010


Hi, i have recently joined GoY and find myself learning more about all aspects of gardening every day. I'm 56, not a gran yet ! Hope the shoulder heals asap.

5 Feb, 2010


Welcome Grandad, I can see from your photo`s how busy you have been in your garden, hope your shoulder isn`t too painful, you`ll have to be patient whilst it heals and not be tempted to exert it too soon.
Have fun browsing through the blogs, you `ll get loads of idea`s.......

5 Feb, 2010


welcome from me too.
I had surgery on my shoulder oct 08 and by jan 09 fully recovered . a real frozen job with 23% mobility now back to 98%. better than my other one. dont rush it and do all the exercises it is worth it in the end.
looking forward to reading more blogs etc. :o)

5 Feb, 2010


Welcome to GoY Grandad, you'll enjoy it here!

Your statue looks like it has an aura around it....pretty.

5 Feb, 2010


Welcome from me too Grandad, I just love your recycling ideas,and your "lady" is super. Take it easy!

5 Feb, 2010


Welcome Grandad to GOY hope you will enjpy being with us all and you will soon be feeling better after you opp.

6 Feb, 2010


Hello grand dad
Me too a grand dad enjoy gardening. Trying to introduce wild flowers in my garden, started with Dipsacus inermis. The seeds i collected from a forest area have been sown ,hope the babies will come up to see my Kitchen garden and the lawns.It was nice to go through your blog.I will try to follow ur method on growsonu.
withl regards

8 Feb, 2010


Welcome from me too Grandad. Enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the shoulder.

10 Feb, 2010

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