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The tale of my sad little garden but moving slowly into a happy one:-)


i thought it would be nice to do a blog of my garden woes. in summer 2009 my then boyfriend now ex, decided he would help me re-design my garden so along came his mates and riped everything up/down (including the shed) with a digger. the patio came up, all my conifer trees came down and the only thing left in the garden was a buddlia (spelt that wrong sorry) and a jasmine as i wanted to keep them. anyway, part of the patio was then laid in sept 09 but nothing else was done for nearly a year. i then asked my brother to finish it out of complete frustration and dispair having another summer with no garden, he came and laid the base for the shed in june 10, then in around july 10 i helped him make the base and two sides. then the other one side was not made until nov 10 and it now has part of a roof that is not watertight nor a front to it!!! its now july 11 and he has just come and finished my brick circle :-) so it has been a very long and very frustrating time.

i have my soil conditioner coming tomorrow as i have terrible clay very stoney soil. i will hopefully dig that in over the weekend and then plant up some of the pots that are currently sitting on the soil.

my plans are for a circular lawn with border surround with wildlife friendly plants (eventually as this year is getting a bit late) with architectural plants (fatsia, palms etc) and the other border on the left which still looks an eyesore to be japanese in style with bamboo my acers, a camellia and perhaps a wisteria and a lovely japanese latern if i can find the one i want. will post some pictures.

the first picture is before

second having remaining conifer stumps taken out
more to follow…

the start of removing my garden :(

where i am now :-) only taken 2 years!

well, not much happened last year after my blog but the last couple of months have seen developments!!

the following year….

september 2012….well after the above things totally stalled in my garden until May this year.

my shed was finally given a 4th side to it and a waterproof roof! I have half a new fence out the front. repaired part of the fence in back garden, cleared A LOAD of rubble and stones from the garden, had 2.5 ton of new top soil delivered for my new lawn and have finally planted a few plants in the garden :-) yippppppeeeeeeeee!!!

still have lots to do though. brick circle and patio surrounding the lawn needs to be finished and the other side of the garden hasn’t been started as yet. that is where my green house will be going :-) my first ever greenhouse. alongside that will be my very small Japanese style mini garden. when I say very small I really mean very small!

It’s far too late now for my garden to look good this year, but I am so looking forward to next spring and summer !

so far I have 2 clematis flowers! they came out 2 days ago and hardy fushsia that is giving me some colour, although its still small. then of course I have my lawn :-)

I will try to add some pics…

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Good luck with your plans -you will get there.

7 Jul, 2011


Your garden wasn't bad at all. You should only add a few more plants. I hope everything moves fast and your garden look nice and beautiful again.

7 Jul, 2011


That's quite a drastic change! I love the sound of your plans, hope they work out.
Welcome to GoY - have a look at Andrewr's photos - he also lives in Berkshire - perhaps he has similar soil?

7 Jul, 2011


There was nothing wrong with your garden! You could of took your time and done it up an area at a time. I can see why your ex is your ex hahaha.. Good luck with your garden and I hope you keep us updated, Keep smiling, you will get there. Dee.

7 Jul, 2011


i cant add anymore pics as they are too big. cant figure out how to downsize them!

7 Jul, 2011


If you right click on the picture you should get an option to edit, click that and then try to find an option to resize - it could be under image? Then you just tell the computer a smaller number than it shows eg: 4623 change to 999 and then save it with a different name, it should load then.

7 Jul, 2011


Wow what a change, from the sounds of your plans it'll be fabulous when its finished (more photos when that happy day arrives please :D). Welcome to GoY.

7 Jul, 2011


it takes awhile when you are waiting for other people, I know I wish I was jack of many trades and didnt have to wait

7 Jul, 2011


Oh my goodness I`d have gone nuts by now and woe betide anybody near me, lol.
I would have run over the bloke with his own flipping digger if my garden had been left in that state. Hopefully you will get your garden as you want it, just do a bit at a time, its not too late, our seasons are very iffy anyway. " if you want something doing, do it yourself" is my motto..Comes from being married to a chap who can`t stand gardening and the fact that I love it.
i wish you well with your plans and look forward to seeing your progress.....

7 Jul, 2011


I would have dead headed him, if he had done that to my garden.

7 Jul, 2011


I love the design of your new garden Vicki, it's so much more up to date. What a lot of pots you have to water! I hope you don't have to wait too long before you get your lawn and the best part of all, planting everything.
Looking forward to seeing how things progress.
If you have trouble resizing your pics you can always trim them slightly smaller, I find I only only have to take off very little to make them an acceptable size for GOY.

7 Jul, 2011


Things do take ages don't they but it will be great when it's finished. I hope that will be soon for you and then you'll be able to really enjoy it.

8 Jul, 2011


Ahhh, you have added a new pic, Its going to look amazing, great design and your plants ready to be planted in the borders, Well done, please keep us updated..

8 Jul, 2011

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