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I wish I had some pictures of before and after. Stoped by the local GC today and picked up some blueberry bushes and some portulaca in a variety of colours, they were so pretty and look very easy to propagate. So I pinched a few sprigs off and hopefully they take… there is so much space to cover and so little extra $$.

I dug up a grassy area around the front gate to place some butterfly plants and wild flowers with my daughter. She tuckerd out real fast. That Georgia clay can zap you real quick. So we laid down some top soil and rolled out the carpet of seeds. Looks so funny bright green against the dark soil trimed with bright orange clay. Luckily the Mr showed up just in time to do the other side for us, so we are praying that some flowers start growing!! and soon.

I’m contemplating where to place the Blueberry bushes so that they are safe from the deer, I was thinking along the front fence being that it is close to the house. Also wondering if I should get some netting to keep the berries safe from the birds. So many things to think about…

While I was at the GC I picked up some sedum (Autumn Joy) for my friend and pastors wife. Her oldest daughters name is Autumn, and I thought she might like that plus they will be great for the sunny area of her front walkway. She has been asking for tips for her front yard, wanting flowers and colour. Its rather shady out there… and I’m plumb out of ideas. She planted some Gladiolus bulbs earlier this spring and hadn’t realised that they would grow so tall or how deep to place them, so they are a little haphazzard looking in front of the shrubs. I thought some Azaleas and some miniature gardenias would be nice in the rather blanks space she has in front of the house, but also trying to figure out something that will have colour for a long time.
Being that we also homeschool our little ones I’ve offered to help her start a no dig veggie garden in her back yard, so we discussed some options and we’ll have to do it quick before it gets too hot. I left her thinking of veggies for her family and said I would supply the newspaper and the know how. All she had to chip in for was the potting mix and the veggies. Should prove to be a fun lesson!

We hope I didn’t bore you all to death
have a great day/night!

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morning georgiamum,you never bore me ,put some more pics on i love those,you prob will have to get net for your blueberries ,and the veggie patch is a good idea,whats a no dig veggie patch tho,and what about clematis and roses for your friends garden,i like the sedum for your friends daughter,i spent most of yesterday looking for climbing roses with my familys names,i want to come out into the garden next year and just breath in my fragerant family,have a nice day,chris

8 Jun, 2010


No dig gardening includes a nice thick layer of newspaper with lots of colours, a bag or 2 of potting/top soil, veggies from the GC, and some pinestraw or mulch. Newspaper goes down first then the pinestraw, make holes in pinestraw put in dirt and plant cover with pinestraw. Keep watered and you have a no dig garden. It makes the soil underneath really healthy and full of earthworms.

8 Jun, 2010


take some pics and show me it sounds interesting,might even ry it when i tame my garden

8 Jun, 2010

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