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I have never written a blog before so when I found I had received comments and “likes” on my blog it was a really pleasant surprise, and quite exciting. Realizing that other like minded people might really read it and respond is wonderful.
Anyway I have posted a few photos as requested…. these are mainly from how the garden looked when we moved in. It made me realize I have not taken any recently so will go out there today and take some photos of “the story in late summer” which I hope to post soon. The garden feels like it is a barely-contained wild animal, ready to burst out whenever it can.
The bees nest I found in the ground under the carpet I put down to suppress the lawn (so I can replace it with a meadow) is still there, amazingly, and they have made it even bigger. I will try to get a photo of this.

A few days ago I pulled up the garlic (a tense and magic moment for me and my son, who watches and likes to predict how many cloves will be in each bulb – he is into probability and understanding the world with some reference to numbers…) and have been trying to keep up with the raspberry, lettuce and bean crop.
The latest two project ideas are a “hermit’s hut” with a fire in the middle and hexagonal wooden walls with a green roof (which I hope to make next year) and a self-build greenhouse. When things are tough with my son and it is hard to sleep at night this is what helps me through it – planning and having a project to look forward to.

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Well done, pleased you are enjoying Goy

7 Aug, 2013


You have captured the moment beautifully in words! It IS like magic, that sense of excitement and anticipation. I feel that every time I harvest something from under ground, like radishes, carrots or potatoes. It's lovely you can share that with your son and he can use garden to form an understanding of the world around him.

7 Aug, 2013


So glad you're enjoying GoY, it's a great place to make like minded friends. I love the way you're encouraging your son to enjoy the garden in his own way. I've seen your photos and look forward to seeing photos of how it is now:)

7 Aug, 2013


So pleased your son can enjoy his garden with his dad. Great for them to experience so many things and gardens are one of the finest places for doing this. My daughter works with special needs children with various learning difficulties and she loves her job and 'her' children. He obviously loves the world around him as do you. Look forward to reading more on your garden and your lives. Happy Gardening and welcome from me too. :O) off to look at your pictures now.

8 Aug, 2013

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