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Chili peppers

Genus: Capsicum.

Species: Capsicum frutescens.

1 plant produces about enough fruit for a year if they're dried.

Sow in spring in small pots of compost, 2 seeds per pot and ensure that the compost doesn't dry out. Place on a warm window sill but cover until they germinate. Once they've grown slightly, discard the smallest plant of each pair.

Can be planted out in the garden once they've grown to about 10cm and should be planted about 50cm apart.

Photos of this plant

  • Green_chilis
  • Red_chilis
  • Red_chilies
  • Pepper_harvest
  • Chili
  • Chillies

Reminders for this plant

Due about 16 years ago:

Sow indoors

Sow in pairs and cover until they shoot.