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Periwinkle.... Conclusion..... Bomb Proof....


What a trial the Periwinkle was! I’m convinced it would survive a nuclear attack.. How the whole planet isn’t covered with this plant pole to pole is beyond me. At least its under control for 5 mins (fingers crossed).

I’m a little concerned about my Marigold plants they don’t seem to be moving at all, hopefully they will have a growth spurt in the next week or two.

Anyway grumbles and worries over, lets look forward to todays tasks..

Rehousing some chaps is on the agenda today, I’ve ordered the moving van and asked them just to pack just the essentials, so, Petunias and Lobelia are off into new pots and I bet they heave a huge sigh of relief. The trailing Fuchsias I’ve decided are going to be rehomed in hanging baskets with some water crystals and just a hint of growmore, a little bit of pinching out here and there and they will be georgous.. I’m not sure of your opinion but I prefer an unmixed basket, simple but effective, (a bit like me).

In the veg plot.. Carrots are being sown, a bit of hoeing needed and Sweet Peas are being planted where my Runner Bean canes are.

Considering making my own trellis using some roofing laths? I do need to work out if it will be cheaper than buying ready made. I made some staging for the greenhouse last year cost under a tenner for the wood and a few colourful words, but they are still standing. Not bad, if I say so myself, for a girl from the city, here’s me thinking I didnt take any notice in high school wood working class..

Thank goodness it’s lighter for longer in the evenings, lots to do, so little time. Once this gardening bug hits, it has you for life.

Isn’t Mother Nature Wonderful……

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That's started my day off with a smile, thanks FGTM I recon I must be "simple but effective" As for the trellis, a good idea as it will be tanalised and provided you don't use steel screws/nails it will last for ever. Also you can make it whatever size/shape you want. ps I made a trellis and used Stainless screws, well worth the extra cost but you'll need an electric driver. The trellis you buy in shops are often stapled and tend to rust. If you haven't an electric driver, stainless pins will be fine though your thumb may not be lol

10 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the advice on the trellis situation, I will let you know how it goes..

10 Apr, 2010


You have a good idea of making your own trellises. They'll probably last longer than bought ones. I think I'll make some aswell. They are so costly to buy, and I need quite a lot.

10 Apr, 2010


I agree about the vinca (periwinkle) I think minor is worse than major. Mine are now confined but still try to escape. I too prefer unmixed baskets and window boxes because they are easier to look after. I tend to plant pansies in winter, flowering when they go in in the autumn, so they flower right through the winter. They do not need dead heading when it is too cold to set seed. In the summer I prefer Begonia Sempervirens for fail safe long flowering and no worries about watering when we are on holiday. Water retaining crystals which are on offer in Aldi at the minute takes care of any longer absences, and they do not need dead heading either to ensure continuous flowering. We gave up on wooden trellis, for growing things on, a long time ago. I prefer to screw strips of wood to walls and use HDPE garden mesh.It is strong, long lasting, attractive, rot proof, UV stabilised and re-usable and is available in most diy and garden centres in 500cm or 1m widths. It is quick and light to install too. I also use it strung on free standing posts to grow sweet peas etc. happy gardening Just saw the above comments and we use stainless or brass screws and tanalised wood is a must because it will not be easy to treat once it is insitu.

10 Apr, 2010


Thats a good idea Scotsgran about the garden mesh, I will certainly look into that option.

Thanks for all your opinions and ideas! They are a great help.

10 Apr, 2010


Sounds like you are well in front with your plans,..well we have had all winter to
think about it .lol.We used battens fixed to the wall too,and good quality mesh.they are still as good after 8 years,so a good idea.I agree about Mother nature...wonderful ..enjoy !

10 Apr, 2010

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