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moving the greenhouse


I’d never been entirely happy with the placement of the walk-in greenhouse, but it was the only available space without a lot of reorganisation

It got more annoying over time, as there was a fairly tight squeeze round that corner, with the hose reel having to be right on the corner (that’s as far as I could get it, given the shortness of hose connecting the reel and the tap); having the greenhouse there made the turn even tighter.

The zip was always a problem; apart from being annoying to have to keep bending down to get at it, the ties near the door (to hold the cover to the frame) had frayed ends and kept getting caught in the zip. Then, finally, the zip got totally jammed and the only way to open the door was to rip the whole thing open.

Typically, it was on the windy side, least sheltered from the main wind direction, so the greenhouse would have to be moved before the wind got in. In the interim, I tried to hold the bottom of the door down with bricks (I’d been doing this from the beginning, to stop the wind getting under the door) but the gap gaped anyway.

I had to clear the “square”, which had been filling up with odds and ends (the table had been just inside the gate, but I’d had to move it to get the B+Q compost delivery in)

So started by moving the table round the side, to give me somewhere to put the plants from the green house. Then empty the plant pot storage and move that

(Hadn’t realised I had so many tubs and stuff, being parked in a corner, out of sight and therefore out of mind)

Swept the area and moved the greenhouse all in one (after I’d untied the concrete blocks I’d been using as anchors!).

Then put the plants back, rearranged: I’d been trying to find a way to keep the layer under the plants moist: I’d tried layers of newspaper, and old teatowels – this time I put them together, newspaper on top (the spider plants had started growing through the bottom of the pots, tangling with the fluffy teatowel). Hope that’ll work – the teatowel can absorb the moisture through the newspaper

Put the table against the shed for a work table; the larger pots can go underneath so they’ll be out of the way but handy

I had some small buckets at the back of the stack, all of which had held water, all of which I tipped into the dustbin behind the shed which had been duty as a water butt; that’s nearly full now, so there’s a reserve if needed (though with 400 litres in the fitted butts, would have to be a very dry summer!)

So that’s how it is at the moment: the greenhouse, being side on to the main wind direction, should be more protected, and the shed should give more, even though there’s a gap at the back of the shed that might allow some in. Only time and the weather will tell.

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that looks better.
Satisfying when we have a good tidy up isn't it?

21 Oct, 2014


@ Seaburn - it takes time to realise the best location for something, needs to be some trial and error first. This'll do - for now!

@ Snoop - lol, I've been doing nothing of what *needs* to be done around the house! and so many emails to answer, stories to finish, peoms to write ...

21 Oct, 2014


Looks much better there Fran. Hope it works well for you wind-wise! :)

21 Oct, 2014


thanks, Karen. if it's more wind-protected, that'll help a lot. And now it can get sun all day, rather than only in teh afternoon when the sun's gone past the shed.

21 Oct, 2014


Much better then Fran. :)

21 Oct, 2014


so long as I remember to water in there!

21 Oct, 2014


I know, I am just the same. Doing better now, it takes a bit of practice! :)

21 Oct, 2014


What are you like Fran? Never still for a minute lol! That arrangement of your Greenhouse etc looks much better and I'm sure you'll find it easier to get into and use now. The table will prove far better in its new position. I've just 'thrown' out a kitchen trolley, but it's proved super as a potting table which I can move around to where I want to work :)

21 Oct, 2014


does indeed, Karen! once the babit is formed, no problem, one does it automatically. The thing is to remember often enough to make it a habit!

Thanks, Waddy. it's all dot-and-carry for now, till I get a clear picture of what I want where, and how I can change the "hard" surfaces to suit me, which will take time to do even after I've got a plan.
A mobile table sounds ideal! but knowing me, that'd take some doing - I'd probably end up with stacks of stuff all over the place - either that or lug all the pots around with the trolley, or walk back to the stack every time I need one.
Besides, this garden slopes enough for anything on wheels to migrate of its own accord!

22 Oct, 2014


You have to live with things for a while to see if they work or not, don't you. I have just moved my new arch again - so I know just what you mean. I think you've made a vast improvement, good for you :)

23 Oct, 2014


thanks, Gee. Often one's mental picutre of what A will look like if placed at B doesn't live up to the reality; there are so many viariables, wind and sun and shade. And even if they all match, there might just be a "could do better" lurking at the back of the mind.

23 Oct, 2014


Catching up with your projects Fran, the trouble with saving tubs etc for the time when they might come in useful is alright until you are having to rearrange things and then if you're like me you curse as they take up valuable space plus you do not want them on show, I'm lucky as I do have room to hide most of them away but obviously you haven't in your garden, the greenhouse looks a lot more accessible now so working in that area will be easier for a while, knowing you it won't be long before you fill it up again, hope your greenhouse survives the winter for you, I was looking at the doorway, those zips are always a bit fragile, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a wooden frame and door for it or perhaps have a word with your handyman, my son did that for his polytunnel on his allotment, it was on the outskirts of Boston so you can imagine very windy at times but it did solve his problem....

6 Nov, 2014


Thanks, Lincs! I do have all these bamboo canes knocking about, and the material I used for the "cave" pro tem would at least deflect the wind. lol I have a shower screen in my fusebox cupboard, got it taken down cos it was in my way, and it's still in my way, wonder if that could find gainful employemnt???

6 Nov, 2014

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