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strawberry plant


Gary the gardener was sorting out the overgrowth in the “shed bed” when he found a small strawberry plant at the back corner, well shaded and shadowed by the rest.

He accidentally pulled a bit out, so I potted it and put it ont he table at the back; it didn’t seem to like it there, so I put it back on the ground, more in the shade. Have to see how it goes there, if it does at all

But it was starting to fruit, one tiny red berry and a few even tinier white ones. hope it keeps going!

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Looks as though it might be an alpine strawberry, which does have tiny fruit but the are very sweet. As the little plant was pulled out accidentally it will have damaged roots so your best chance is to keep it very well watered and hope some new ones will grow.

12 Jul, 2014


thanks Stera. I'd heard of Alpine Straqwberries and had intended to go for them, when I finally got some, but apparently I have some already!

Most of the plant was left in the ground, it was only the small bit that got pulled up. I put it back on the ground when it looked wilted being on the table-top, and watered and fed it last night. so even if it does fall over, there's still the main plant.

12 Jul, 2014


Best get the cream in in readiness, Fran. Seems like you have some real gems lurking in your garden.

12 Jul, 2014


lol certainly made me more careful about yanking up handfuls of "weeds" when I can't see what's behind them! not that i did this (blame the gardener!) but all the same, lesson learned.

Prob is I'll need to get close to it to see if it's bearing fruit, without marking it out for the birds to see and get there first

13 Jul, 2014


Well you were wanting to feed the out for the blackbirds if you have strawberries!

13 Jul, 2014


lol that was my dilemma, Stera - how to teach the birds that "this is mine, that's yours" - but once I invite them in, which I am diong wiht the feeders, then it's understandable that they'll go for anything edible anywhere in the garden. of course, they'd probably do that wihout any invitation!

I'll have to get down low enough to see if the main plant is bearing; if it is, maybe the greenery around it will help disguise it. Though there's less now than there was. But me getting down that low on a regular basis might be a bit of a production, so I'd probably need to raise it, and then it'd definitely need protection.

14 Jul, 2014


Lol Fran, solve one problem and make another one... If you succeed in teaching birds which stuff it theirs and which yours please let us in on the secret!

14 Jul, 2014


I'll market it - and then some!

16 Jul, 2014

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