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Corner cutback


Having got the gate corner a bit clear, I decided to start on the opposite corner (or at least get the gardener to start there), cutting back the overgrown shrubs and cutting out the dead ones

How it looked before:

And after:

Still a lot of junk to get up: dead shrub roots in the ground needed lifting because I kept tripping over them (and now the holes need filling in cos I keep putting my foot in it, literally)

Not sure what I’m going to do with the spaces – I rather like the idea of little niches, maybe with small “themes” in each, or a seat to get a reverse view of the garden.

(Lol open to suggestions!)

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Taking shape Fran ..
lots of interesting areas and corners. ..
good idea :o)

6 Jul, 2014


You have a huge job on there Fran, but any new garden has to be tackled full on because there is bound to be plants that you don't like or are far too big, I think you are doing the right thing by pruning a little at a time, do you think some grasses would look nice and some ground cover, like hardy geraniums??

6 Jul, 2014


Tremendous difference already Fran! Keep at it! :))

6 Jul, 2014


thanks TT and GM and Karen.

I hadn't realised how much space there was until the Gary the gardener cut the shrubs back - two rows of them, at least - mostly dead - behind the ones that showed at the front.

A lot of it's coming through the fence, so if I can get a small gap on the other side of the fence, that might help stop them, or at least slow down the invasion.

I was wary of cutting back too much - someone had put a lot of time and effort into putting those shrubs in in the first place, but that must have been years ago and new shrubs were just planted in front of dead ones, leaving the old ones still in the ground - I've dug out so many dead roots already, and not small ones, either!

I really want to screen the fence to next door - they say it's ok but I still do'nt like being able to see into their garden (and, to be honest, I want a bit of privacy in mine). Maybe a trellis, as I can't have a fence without planning permission - I do'nt need to close the gap fully, just "shadow" it to break up the view.

I still have three boxes of bluebell bulbs, I thought of putting them at the back of the "niches", the nearest I can get to "woodland edge", and I've got stacks of naricssus bulbs that might also go there, but that's for spring, need something for the rest of the year.

Gary found a Sweet Pea growing through two of the shrubs; he said when they've finished flowering he'll cut them back to give the Sweet Pea more room. I've no idea what shape the "niches" will be when those shrubs are trimmed.

I'm thinking of raised beds, been checking out "railway sleeper blocks" to build small curved beds - sprt of like dry-stone walls, but made of wood. but need to design those, or at least make up my mind what I want!

6 Jul, 2014


all beginning to take shape Fran, you and Gardener Gary doing a good job. Keep at it, look forward to seeing whatever you decide on :O)

7 Jul, 2014


Looks like you've found a good one in Gardener Gary, Fran. Between the pair of you it is all coming together. Don't overdo it :)

7 Jul, 2014


thanks Oliwe and Gee

most of the problem is making decisions when I don't really know what's involved - don't have the background data on what the shrubs are, how to look after them, what kind of beds to put where, how they'll work and what to do if they don't. whatever I do will likely have to be undone and redone somewhere else, but if i don't take the plunge, nothing will get done at all!

I've only been here about eight months, so i shouldn't expect to get everything sorted perfectly yet - it'll take years of trial and error, tweaks and rethinks. whooo!

7 Jul, 2014

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