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Spider plants before and after


I’d had this spider plant in a hanging basket for about a year; every time a bit dropped off I’d poke a hole in the soil and pop it in.

Been meaning to repot it, and my other indoor plants, for about a month; finally got around to it


I had 11 plants in there, noneo f them babies by any means! (though a couple were teens)

now I’ve got to find room for them all! and they have to be kept separate from my other Spider:

the re-pots are all-green, and someone gave me some of the more usual cream-striped babies. I’ve only got one left – not sure whether the others reverted to all-green in the presence of so many others, but not willing to take the chance

Anybody want some all-green Spiders? I seem to have a few to spare!

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yes, after many tweaks, and no doubt a few more still to come! I found the photo of where it was originally, so I mgiht put it back there; the previous people had more experience than me!

I have more feeders than hooks on the feeding station, so two of the feeders are in a corner, on small ground-hooks, closer to cover

3 May, 2014


Mine are doing well Fran and now my daughter has one as well, lol...

3 May, 2014


maybe once i find the right placement ...

4 May, 2014


It's been a long time since I last saw an all green Spider plant! I have several of the "more usual" ones - one in the kitchen has been going for well over 6 years. It's never been transplanted after going into its final home! It sits in the kitchen, near the window & never moves from there.

I have one of its "babies" on our living room table, it's been there for a number of years also. I also have a third plant in the kitchen which is about 2 years old.

I cut the hanging spiders off every year since they become a nuisance. I Do LOVE the tiny white star shaped flowers that come before the spiders! I've collected the seeds on a couple of occasions but have never gotten around to sowing them!

8 May, 2014


i first saw an all-green spider at work, when i moved to a new department; one of hte other workers had one. i swoppoed some of my "standard" babies for some of hers, and now I've only got all-green - not sure if they just outgrew or outlasted the others or if the others reverted, or something.

i do like hte plantlets that hang down; read htat this only happens when they;re slightly pot-bound, so probably would never happen in nature,w here they'd have room to expand (unless they rooted in the crotch of a tree, or something, where space was limited)

i don['t deliberately grow them, Balcony; when a bit drops off, as happens, a plantlet or a leaf, i just poke a hole in the pot with a finger and stick the drop-off back in. that's how i managed to get 11 plants in one pot!

and even when there's only one plant in a pot, sometimes it falls into sepaare peices when i repot (the leaves do, the roots take a bit of untangling!) so I assume they're ready to leave home, and pot them separately. and then try to find homes for them! i rememebr, two addresses ago, I had nearly 100 baby spiders all over the place, mostly in paper cups cos i'd run out of pots; managed to pass most of them on. whew.

9 May, 2014


Have you ever see the Spider Plant that is dark green with a fine light coloured line down the leaves? I've seen several plants but have never grown one. Nor have I seen, much less grown, a green one!

12 May, 2014


the cream-stripe is the most common, but there are other varieites htat i'd heard of bu tnot seen - the cream stripe is about 1/4 of the leaf width, but others have a very fine line down the middle. not seen those, can't remember even seeing pics of htem.

lol i fyou want to have a go at an all-green Soider or two, just say the word!

ps just found this: spider plant varieties
pps and this!

12 May, 2014

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