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types of visual impairment


I’ve been chatting to a few GoYers and the subject of visual impairment came up, the different types, etc.

Years ago, when I worked for the council’s Housing Regeneration team, a CD-R landed on my desk one day; it was from ICI, about how paint colour schemes could help the visually impaired find their way about.

Included in it were four photos of different kinds of visual impairment. I was very impressed, and asked them if I could use the pics on the website that I had then. They said yes, so long as I credited them; I suggested that if they mark each photo with their copyright, then there’d be no doubt about whose pics they were.

I don’t hold the copyright to these pics, but as they agreed to me using them once, I’m sure they won’t mind me using them again.

Peripheral Field Loss (Tunnel Vision)

Sporadic Field Loss

Reduced Contrast

(This is how I see with my right eye)

Central Field Loss

(This is how I see with my left eye – I usually try to describe it by saying it’s “like tunnel vision but the other way round". Actually, the blob in the middle should be fuzzy grey, but it’s not my pic to tweak).

I did ask them if I could have a stack of discs to give out; they said it was free via their site. I did get an updated disc later, but it didn’t seem to have these pics on it.

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Hi Fran... interesting photos ...
Visual impairment can be very debilitating.

30 Apr, 2014


there are so many grades and shades for each condition, I supposed they "averaged".

Good work on their part; they must have talked to a lot of vis-imp people to get some idea of their sight loss, to reproduce them.

lol fairly typical of me, that the eye that has good colour contrast is also the one with the blob in the middle!

30 Apr, 2014


Yes .. looking at the photos, I can imagine they talked to many people, including those who need to wear varifocals and those with eye floaters.

30 Apr, 2014


that is very interesting, thanks Fran. :O) thank goodness I am able to get my eye sight corrected with my specs. I too have floaters and they are a pain, but I found that they do not affect me as much since I started eating more carrots. I know this sounds silly but it is quite true. An optician did tell me that you can buy a tablet, which I did, but found that the fresh carrots were better value and worked much better for me, they are still there but nowhere near as much a nuisance as they used to be. So anyone who suffers with them give it a whirl, not a lot to loose think I eat carrots most days now. Good job I like them. lol :O)

30 Apr, 2014


Always wondered how bad your vision actually is Fran because you seem to cope marvellously, I know you have to do various things to use your computor , I've never seen pics to best describe how we see, my left eye is weird, its the damaged one that got the ulcers years ago so its as though the left part has the blob over it, of course its all fuzzy now because of the cataract, your third pic is how I was seeing last year out of both eyes, only worse as I wouldn't have been able to make out the letters, thankfully my cataract removal on the right eye was successful, funny you putting this on today Fran as I'm going for my checkup this afternoon, the six months has flown by...
Olive when we were kids mum used to say you have to eat carrots as they are good for your eyesight, another old tale that in your case you've found to be correct...

30 Apr, 2014


Wow that must be hard to live with Fran (and others) Do you get used to it? sorry if that seems like a stupid question, with me its my hearing, allways had earache as a kid and had an opperation on one ear but my hearing has never been great in that ear but im used to it now, i can wash my hair without gettin'g me ears wet lol how clever am i hahaha..

30 Apr, 2014


Counting my blessings.....:) Thanks Fran, that's very interesting.

30 Apr, 2014


@ Olive, floaters are a pain; I read years ago that they’re caused by tiny flecks of dust floating on the surface of the eye – don’t know how true that was. Of course that could be only one cause …

Lol too many carrots isn’t necessarily a good thing! One can OD on carotene, but I suppose one almost every day isn’t anywhere near that limit

@ Lincs, lol, Hobson’s choice! Ooh, ulcers, sounds unpleasant. Did they clear up or were they removed? Glad the first cataract op went ok, fingers and everything else crossed for the other eye.

:-} historical note: during WW2 they put out the story about carrots aiding eyesight for two reasons: to get kids to eat them, and to “explain” why the RAF was shooting down so many night-fighters – didn’t want to advertise that we had radar!

I put “carrots cover for radar” into Google and got some wondrous results (oh, the things one finds on serendipitous side-tracks!)

Wow, would you believe there’s a World Carrot Museum? And that it has a section “carrots in World War 2”?

there were lots more, but I won’t deprive you of the fun of finding them yourself (you might also try “Cat’s-Eyes Cunningham”,she hitned ... ;-})

@ Young Daisy, one can get used to anything, given enough time to adjust – "luckily" mine came on over years rather than hitting me all at once. That would have been hard to adjust to. although the hardest adjsutment was when they suddenly started going.

Lol I still can’t wash my hair without including my ears – and oftenmy eyes as well!

As the poet said, it’s easy when you’ve got no choice! And it could always be worse …

30 Apr, 2014


Fran they were caused by shingles, infected the cornea and left me with scarring, thats why I always warn people to be very careful when they say they have contracted it, it was the worst pain I can ever remember and I've had 3 kids, I am lucky as I haven't had a flare up for a very long time, it can come back any time, if it ever it gets itchy I go doctors and he puts me on steroids, thats the reason why they won't operate on my left eye, apparently it could make my eye worse, also interfering could cause another flare up, specialist says my right eye has healed well, they are going to keep an eye on the left one, the weird thing is the cataract I had removed got bad very quickly but the one on the left is going slowly, he says they'll have to sort it one day but I'll cross that bridge when I get there, lol....
I am lucky Fran I at least now have one good one.

30 Apr, 2014


oh, Lincs! \0/ \0/ \0/

30 Apr, 2014

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