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Quince comparison


I sorted pics of both quinces and put them side by side for comaprison

Shrub 3 is on the left, Shrub 35 on the right

Shurb 3 looks a lot bigger, possiblyolder? or maybe Shrub 35 needs to be more contained, as it would otherwise overgrow the path

But Shrub 3 has been in flower for at least a month, and Shrub 35 is only just starting to flower: different typies with different seasons of growth?

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Growth on both plants might also differ depending on aspect and different conditions Fran. E.g one gets more water, one has better drainage, one gets less light....etc.
I am not familiar with Quince but hopefully someone will advise you.

22 Apr, 2014


lol nor am I Scottish!

the smaller one, 35, has the shed at the back, a fence to the side, and another shed in front of it, which must shasow it. The bed is smaller, and for all I know shallower - when I dug it I only went down about a trowel-depth, enough for bulbs and seeds. It faces south, but the fence and the shed behind it must shade it for hours.

22 Apr, 2014


Are they both the same colour, Fran? I have two quince in my front garden, the peachy coloured one had flowered long before the red one had even started. That may be, as Scottish suggests, because they have different aspects. Makes for a more iteresting garden :)

22 Apr, 2014


the flowers on the earlier-flowering one I'd call "pink" - the flwoers on 35 are still budded, they look pink-red, but that covers a lot of ground! I'll have to wait a few till the buds open.

it would indeed be more interesting having two different varieties, doing their own thing at different times

22 Apr, 2014


Nice to have found two different Quince bushes in your garden, Fran! My daughter has one in her back garden that has flowered extremely well the last couple of years. When they moved into the house it was underneath a Hebes so I told her to cut back the Hebe & make more space/light for the Quince. They did so & now the papers have been turned & it's the Quince that is shading out the Hebe! :-))

27 Apr, 2014


qunice 3 is losing its flwoers, or at least htey're wilting and looking very sorry for themselves; quince 35 is still in bud, or was the last time I looked; that'd be some major difference if they were exctly the same type! surely position and bed can't make that much difference??

can't imagine a quince being under a bebe! it must have been enormous, or the quince must have been tiny - but then, if it was smothered, it would'nt be able to grow much.

29 Apr, 2014


It was the Quince that was very small but now the tables are turned!

30 Apr, 2014


lol hope the hebe is enjoying the reversal as much as the qunnce must be! is thjere any way to keep them more or less balanced?

30 Apr, 2014


As they grow in our daughter's garden I only get to see them occasionally. The Quince could be kept more in check by pruning but they don't know much about "judicious" pruning I'm afraid.

The Hebe is slower growing than the Quince & is about 2 1/2ft high, the Quince is similar but as they are growing side by side one ought to be removed - probably the Hebe - & planted elsewhere.

30 Apr, 2014


O dpm#t lmpw ,much about pruning, eihterh - too timid,usually, to take too much off - not as if one can put it back later!

would probably be eaiser to move the hebe, as it own't grow so tall

30 Apr, 2014

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