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Think I may have deterred the squirrels, at least for now.


They’ve been getting more and more insolent lately; strolling around like they own the place, digging in pots and troughs, knocking the smaller pots off the tables, even going along the windowsill behind the troughs (i’ve looked, and I’ve no idea what’s so fascintating about that space) – and, when I go out and shout (or swear) at them, sauntering away in their own good time.

Yesterday I’d had to chase them out at least four times in the morning; one cheeky so-and-so was digging in the Sweet Pea plant trough, which is right by the back door. It leaped out when I went out, but then strolled casually away, until I took a couple of steps towards it; then it hid behind a planter on the end table, apparently thinking that I wouldn’t know where it had gone! It was only when I got close that it finally jogged up the fence and sat on the top where it knew I couldn’t reach it.

I don’t know what made me think of it, but next time I heard squirrel noises I picked up the broom, holding it near the head. The squirrels know how close I could get before they have to move, but I’d gained about three feet extra length with the handle.

As it decided I was close enough and started to move, I side-swiped with the handle and hit the fence a couple of feet away from it, hard – the squirrel didn’t stop as they usually do when they think they’re out of range, to sit and sneer at me.

Would you believe it, I had to go out twice more in the next five minutes: each squirrel got a side-swipe to the fence near it and each took off without ceremony. Since then I’ve not seen even a glimpse of them. All the rest of yesterday was squirrel-free, and so has today been.

I aimed for the fence, not the squirrels, although I had to quickly re-aim in mid-swipe once because it moved more than I was expecting. I don’t want to injure them, just severely discourage them, and so far I think I’ve succeeded in that.

Three squirrels have been given a enough of a fright, I hope, to make them go elsewhere for their fun and games. lol I feel a bit guilty about frightening them so much, but they wouldn’t take gentler hints.

But now maybe I can get the smaller plants back out of the greenhouse, where I had to put them for their own protection, because I was fed up with picking them off the ground and, even worse, having to repot them because they’d been knocked completely out of their pots and half the soil gone..

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You must have Ninja squirrels in your area, Fran :)
I had 5 in my garden on Tuesday morning but all very well behaved. They do eat the bird food but I put enough out for all comers anyway. I've had a few bulbs 'stolen' and replanted elsewhere over the years but no real damage. Broom swinging could catch on and become an Olympic sport :)

5 Jul, 2013


Wonderful picture! Odd isn't it how some animals are quite nervy while others have all the gall in the world. Rats, pidgeons and squirrels all fall into the latter bracket. Deer scarers are a popular ornamental feature in gardens, wish someone would design something similar aimed at these creatures.

6 Jul, 2013


they're based in a green, surrounded by houses and flats, so they're very used to people - and familiarity, as they say, breeds c ontempt.

If they confined themselves to wrecking bird feeders ... but they're so invasive and destructive. The gardens on each side of me are only growing grass, so mine does tend to stand out for scavenging opportunities.

went outside just now; there was a loud chuffing noise that went on for a while; when I went out there was a squirrel on the fence, having a go at something - that's the noise they tend to make when they're scolding, I've heard it before when one squirrel was warning antoher not to get too close to the feeder it was monopolising..

Gave the fence another smack - see how long that lasts this time..

lol I'm trying not to get too paranoid about these pests, but ...

6 Jul, 2013

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