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pound shop plants


I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more till I sorted and settled what I already had, but …

Who could resist a scented rose bush for a quid? Or a red dogwood? Or a forsythia?

I did check the packaging for eventual sizes; all claim a max height of two metres, and it’ll take years to reach that, so I gave in to temptation.

They all claim to be “dormant until planted” so there’s no pressure to rush them into pots, though they’ll be first in the queue when I do get the worktable clear to work on.

I also bought a “baby’s breath” last year; checking the package, it’s okay till the end of this year, so I’ve got a bit of time for that, too; just as well! The number of plants and seed packs I’ve bought and not been able to plant within the “best before” date!

Hopefully these plants will be planted in a month or so, when the wall’s finally finished and I can move stuff back to give me working room

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Screw limits, I'm buying plants like some kind of demented hoover after repeatedly saying 'last one'. But plants for a pound is a win all round.

I'm in London, looking out for your CD fence shimmering...

5 May, 2012


what a bargain well done.I am always buying plants not knowing where i am going to place them lol.I have no more space anymore but a bargain cannot be turned down lol:))))

5 May, 2012


well done Fran, can't miss a good bargain

5 May, 2012


Those look good bargains, Fran.
I hope they grow well for you :o)
How is the wall coming along ?

5 May, 2012


Funny isn't it? There is always room for another plant?
Good haul, Fran.

5 May, 2012


We dont have a Pound shop Fran, probably a good job as I really do not have the space and know I'd not be able to resist, hope they do well for you....

5 May, 2012


I bought the dogwood plant a few weeks ago, from poundland and its coming on really well

5 May, 2012


I've since seen the aame plants, plus a lot others, in other chains of pound shops - wonder how many they grow to be able to sell them this cheap and still turn a profit!

I still had enough restraint tocheck eventual estaimted sizes and to put several back; thought three would be enough for starters!

I did a blog on the wall-so-far, TT, couple of days ago; not done any more to it yet, still a bit soggy outside. Got about half the wall to patch and then one final coat overall to [hope!] make it the same colour all over.

lol Sev, what do you think of the lovely clean air in London?? I might make the strings on my CD fence a bit longer, to give them more room to move in the breeze; I hadn't thought of that when I put them up, made the strings as taut as possible. But a bit of added shimmer wouln't hurt at all

Good to hear, Clarice - your'll be a month or so older than mine by the time I plant it. hopeyour pics will show how mine should be doing!

5 May, 2012


I will take a photo tomorrow for you to see !

5 May, 2012


who would have thought a gardener who couldn't resist a bargain ..........well done you, wish we had a pound shop close by I'd have to get a bigger garden :))

5 May, 2012


thanks Clarice

lol thinking that already, Niverdeen!

5 May, 2012


I love pound shops in this recession there invaluable. Happy planting!!!

7 May, 2012


I like 'em at any time! cheap enough for me to practice on without fearing a heavy financial loss in the learning process.

8 May, 2012

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