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Green trees not green


Finally got around to taking pics of the trees in the green that’s beyond our row of gardens. The space is four flats long and about two wide – and totally wasted, sigh, as it’s locked off and inaccessible, sigh …

photos taken from left to right …

Oh, what I could do if I could just get into that space!!!

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Fran, can you not find out who has access to this and see if you can make use of it as a garden?

2 Apr, 2012


( I can't keep up with you today!)

It's a pity no-one can use the space. What is the reasoning here, do you think?

2 Apr, 2012


I want to see if I can get a gate put in my fence so I can get into it - there are two gates, both heavily padlocked as they're both in public access areas - one on the street, one at the end of the block by one of the entrances.

Even if I were allowed a key to one of these, it'd be an expedition to drag stuff round the block and back - much easier just to walk out of my back door and have access literally ten feet away.

Besides, with both official gates so secure, there'd be less prob about security on my own gate.

My block has in itnernal corridor, and there's a green on the other side which is accessible, has seats and all, but one needs the security fob to get back in. This space is only occupied when the council come round to cut the grass and cut back the shrubbery around the edges.

lol I've put off asking the council for permission to have a gate - while I don't ask, I can dream of what I'd do if they said Yes - but if they say No I'm scuppered.

But sure as heck no one else on this side of the block seems to use their gardens for more than hanging washing or growing weeds! And I've got packs of wildflower seeds, bee- and butterfly-friendly, and - and -

2 Apr, 2012


Hi, Ojib, didn't see your post till I'd pasted my reply to Sheilar. I've been doing some catch-up on what I've been up to, which, now I sit and post, is more than I realised while I was doing it!

There needs to be an access gate on the road so the council can access with their mowers and pruners; I presume the other gate, by the entrance, was locked off because non-residents could then access it and ruin it. I've no idea why there's no internal access, as there is with the green on the other side - I think this one is the bigger of the two, though of course I've not been able to walk it and test.

One might be a privacy issue: not everyone has lumps of wood at their fences to block casual view. But I'd stick to the area outside my garden - or at leaast I'd start there ...

I'd never thought to wonder why it's there if it can't be used, thanks, Ojib, I'll use that as another "reason why" they should let me put a gate in! There's an L-shape where the green meets the road; someone there has a gate in their fence, but I don't want to use that as a reason why I should have on etoo in case that one was put in without asking first.

2 Apr, 2012


I liked your trees Fran ,not about it being a locked area, I suppose its a case of not wanting undesirables access to that area, you hear about some nasty things being left in areas like that in so many places....

2 Apr, 2012


nod nods!!!! and we've had problems with druggies getting into the block, despite the security doors, and causing behaboural problems as well as leaving "souvenirs".

Can understand why no public access, but not why no access at all! of course, residents could cause probs, too, but only on *this* side of the block???

2 Apr, 2012


It would be lovely if you could have special access to that area with the trees... Maybe worth asking for permission... :o)

10 Apr, 2012


lol I will, TT, it's just I don't have my get-round-to-it head on at the moment! !

10 Apr, 2012


Lol. I do understand.
Which head do you have this week ?

10 Apr, 2012


durrr, think it's my "do it tomorow" head - or next week, or next month ...

10 Apr, 2012



11 Apr, 2012

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